People who lie in the eBay Description, what should i do???

  1. Thanks.

    I hate dishonest People. :sad:
    So much Trouble for nothing.
  2. we all hate dishonest people...
  3. I just shipped the bag back & she relisted it today. :sad:
    With the Same pics without any specification regarding the flaws.
    Some people are really Crazy.
    This seller is really Special.

    I m so Mad :nono:
  4. I'm really glad you got your refund. Don't be mad anymore. :hugs:

    But please do post the link to the bag and the seller's ID so we can avoid buying from her. Thanks!
  5. Thanks sweetie

    I shipped it back. I dont have the refund but i will get it soon hopefully.
  6. Report to eBay that seller has relisted and you don't have refund. And leave the seller a negative. It will help others who are considering this bag.
  7. I saw your negative now, it is perfect.
  8. If you contact ebay with all the shipping info in addition to the fact that the

    seller has relsited the item, your refund should be processed at once...
  9. What is the seller's ID so we can all avoid buying?
  10. u362669
  11. Great job on leaving the negative, but I can't believe the seller assumed you wanted to resell it!!! What a JERK! SMDH.
  12. I see the seller left you contradictory feedback...I believe you can get that removed.
  13. Yes, also you can respond to her stupid response, and you get the last word, she can't respond again. Also if you report the feedback she left for you, she will get slapped with a violation.
  14. I m now waiting for delivery confirmation from UPS & the refund so i can call eBay just One Time to let them remove it & if the refund is Not authomatically made

    So much hassle for nothing. :sad: