People who lie in the eBay Description, what should i do???

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Need some Advise please. I m so sad.
    I Bought a balenciaga bag on eBay. Description: Good condition- some wear and oxidization in handles

    I recieved a Dirty, stinky( smoke?)damaged bag
    The handles are spongey, soft, sticky, dark, Stiching is coming Loose, leather is cracking

    The bag has Black & Rain Marks all over it.

    I recieved the bag 2 days ago & since i have it i have it Sitting on my Sofa and i can Cry every Time i Look at her. I Bought it for 650$ Not so bad but the mirror& long strap are missing.

    I m Not anal at all but i m so Mad that she didnt mentioned Anything

    Good Condition????I tried to Contact her but no answer yet.

    She has 9 pics but all doesnt Show the damage on the handle & the Marks :sad:(

    &&&& she squeezed the bag in a tiny Box the bag has wrinkles all over it.

    My Husband Told me to Return the bag if i m so unhappy with the bag. I really can cry every Time i See it.

    What should i do? In gehe Listing she is saying no returns accepted. :sad:((((

    Thanks Ladies.
  2. That bag is SNAD. eBay will make her take it back. If she won't answer you, file a case.
  3. File a snad.
  4. How long should i wait Til she answers before Filing? I dont want to do Anything wrong.
  5. Thanks but how long should i wait?
  6. How much time did you give the seller to get back with you? If they've had plenty of time (I would say 48 hours) and still haven't answered then file a SNAD. Don't worry, you'll get a refund and your original shipping back.
  7. Thanks.
    I got the bag on wednesday Morning & wrote her on Thursday in the Morning After oversleeping it.
    She didnt answered Til now. So i give her One more Day.
    But its really a shame why some People Waste Time.
    Do i have to Pay for the back Shipping?

    Any tips are appreciated. Its my 2 nd SNAD Case ever
  8. I agree 48 hours should be good
  9. File now. That is enough time to respond. Be clear and detailed when you initially file. Then get on the phone with eBay. Tell them what is going on. Maybe they will give you a courtesy label.
  10. If she doesn't respond soon then take everyone's advice and definitely file a SNAD.
  11. If you still haven't heard from her im sure opening a case will get her to respond. And please don't feel you're doing anything wrong, sounds like its the seller who did the wrong thing by sending such a badly described bag. It really doesnt matter if the seller says no refund... Pls open a case. Good luck!
  12. You will have to pay for the return shipping, but if you win the SNAD case, you will be refunded your purchase amount + original shipping.

    Most people prefer to file SNAD claims through eBay instead of PP.

    Take lots of pictures of the damage and wear that she didn't show, and upload these/link to them in your claim.

    If/When they tell you to send it back, make sure to send it to her PayPal address. Insure it and use signature confirmation. Don't let the post office talk you out of signature confirmation either, even though you'll also get a sig. with insurance - you need both.
  13. Thank you all for your Time & Advise.

    I didn t heared back Til now. I opended a Case with eBay now.
    Do i have to wait with the back Shipping Til she answers or am i ready to ship back now?

    As far as i ve understand the eBay Email i have to wait for her answer.

    I made 20 pictures of the damage but i dont know Where can i Upload them in the Case. I Looked it up & didnt saw anywhere to Upload pics.

    I tried to describe everything. I Hope that eBay reads it too

    I didnt paied for Shipping ist was Free Shipping with the purchase. But i dont care i just want to Return the bag. I was so frustrated & called up Neiman Marcus and ordered a New balenciaga bag. No eBay bags for me anymore . :sad:
    Seems like people dont describe things correct

    I think i m Out of eBay luck, i had a Row of Not described stuff

    I ve Bought a Jeans Last week & recieved it with both of the inner pockets Cut Off
    2 nd Jeans other seller a Big hole under the zipper.

    Now the Bal bag.

    All flaws Not mentioned in the listings. But both Jeans sellers were Easy to work with.
  14. I know this is off topic but you should post the bag in the Balenciaga authentication thread. I'll bet the bag is probably fake as well. Not to be a Debbie downer but if the seller claims that you returned a "different" bag.....a fake one..... at least you have already have noted that the bag she sent you is fake (if it is a fake).
  15. And if you can also get on line tracking that will tell you when & what

    time she sgned & received the package.. you can forward that to

    ebay (they will see it on line) so your refund should be processed