People Who Let Their Tiny Tots Answer The Phone

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  1. This goes waaaay beyond a Pet Peeve, it's a Major Annoyance - People who have their toddlers record their voice mail prompts - or worse - answer the telephone.

    I know what you're thinking: Oh that grumpy old ShimmaPuff.

    She doesn't have kids, so she just doesn't understand the overwhelming surge of pride we as parents feel when our offspring emits a sound that we believe is an intentional attempt at speech.

    She is just an unfeeling, heartless bitcch who is incapable of comprehending how inexpressibly precious it is to hear those sweet darling angel voices, those first dulcet notes of their own unique symphony of verbal communication.

    Well, you're only half right.

    Especially considering the verbal skills of some of the parents who make this really bad parenting choice, and whom it has been my lot in life to call on the telephone, I can totally understand that they would be not only proud, but no doubt quite astonished, by the slightest indication that an infant bearing their DNA might be developing the capacity for speech.

    But you are correct that I am unable to perceive even the smallest scrap of sweetness or beauty in conversations like this:

    NOTE: While the above is a "composite," representative of my experience with typical telephonic exchanges of this nature, specific vocabulary was chosen because of the popularity, and because the parents subsequently provided (proudly) a translation, which I include here for your convenience and edification :

    HAAAH-OOO! - Hello
    JOOOOS! - Juice (used to indicate a desire to consume fruit juice)
    AHHH - GAAAH - AHHH - SSS - TEEE-KEEE! - I gotta stinky
    (a declaration of imminent excretory activity, though expressed as if in reference to a future event, it is more often made after the fact).
    BAIBAI! - Bye-Bye

    So Please, Parents - If you do not engage in this irritating practice, don't start, and while I am sure that none of our Purse Forum brothers and sisters do it, to any lurkers out there who do it, please stop.

    Here's a good general rule: If they're not old enough to write down a message, including a correct call-back number and identifiable facsimile of caller's name, they're not old enough to answer your phone!

    End Rant, and Thank you for listening.
  2. I feel your pain, SP, but I think it works perfectly well with telemarketers.
  3. Ooh I am right there with you, this drives me nuts :yes:
  4. So people actually let their toddlers answer the in 2 year olds? Maybe it was an accident?
    I know when I was young, I'd answer the phone, but I was like 5, and very polite, I might add.

    Toddlers and series from Discovery!
  5. oh i never let my kiddos answer the annoys me to have them do that, so i can only imagine it on the other end. hahaha
  6. Although I have not had this experience yet, I can only imagine how annoying that would be to be on the receiving end.
  7. lmao shimma!

  8. lol

    I had this happened to and it was very annoying. I let dd answer the phone but only because she can take a message and pass it to me. She's 5 as well.
  9. When a little kid like that answers the phone, it's usually a hit or miss that I'll reach the parents on the same call, and even when I do, it feels like 5 minutes later after dealing with the toddler politely and clearly. Seriously, it's such a waste of time and annoying as all hell.
  10. That is the funniest thing I have read today! :roflmfao::lolots::lol::roflmfao:

    your a hoot!
  11. My kids have strict instructions to never touch the phone unless there is an emergency and mom or dad cannot answer. Mom taking a shower doesn't count, as the answering machine (with adult voices) is more dependable! And I agree with your summation of the experience. I've made calls to other parents where a toddler has answered the phone. I never know whether it is an accident (i.e. the little one picked up the phone out of curiosity and the parents didn't know or hear) or whether it is intentional. It is worse when it's intentional, IMO, and then you have a parent chuckling and taking the phone a minute later. NOT funny, and not amusing at all to callers.
  12. Haha! I love it shimma, and totally agree!

    I wasn't really allowed to answer the phone until I was about 8 and could reliably write messages down. I was always very polite, but I would get off the phone and forget to write down a little message (plus my 8 year old handwriting/vocab made it difficult to translate).
  13. When that happens to me, I want to put my dog on. They can talk to each other, LOL.

  14. i work in telemarketing :sad: and its hard enough .......
  15. Totally agree with this Shimma, especially when the call is a long distance call.