People who know watches don't buy Relex

  1. I just finished reading "The cult of the luxury brand" and one watch connoisseur from Hong Kong named Conrad Ng said that "people who know watches don't buy Rolex. They're more mass production. I buy Rolex for flashy reasons- to show off when dealing business with people from mainland China"
    I'm thinking about buying a Rolex watch.

    But now I'm not sure:confused1:. What do you guys think??
  2. I ordered 3 Rolexes within 3 weeks, what you think? :supacool:
  3. I think, who cares!?
    Buy what YOU want, not what some book says about them.

    :blah:on the book :biggrin:
  4. For the money they cost they don't come in the crap end of the market!! They are more mass produced than some other brands such as Patek and Breguet etc,but these watches command much more money and have the whole waiting list and exclusivity thing going on,and unless you have a spare $170 upwards to buy a ltd edition platinum grande complication you probably don't hang in the same circles as this guy!!!! It kind of matters to them as they have so few ways left of displaying their wealth and taste,here on the real world that does'nt really affect us mere mortals so I'd carry on and buy one and not worry!!! Rolex do have a very exclusive feel for us and lots of others!! Buy and enjoy!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I love Rolex!!!! I dont care what they say! I have 2...and hoping to get another one in the future LOL
  6. Whether it's mass produced or not, the name Rolex still carries a lot of weight. I doubt you'll find a lot of people who will snub their nose at a Rolex. Serious watch connoisseurs are probably few and far between. If it makes you happy and you can afford it- buy it!
  7. ^seriously.

    It's like someone saying you should only carry Hermes over Chanel because Chanel just makes too many. . .
  8. I agree with him. Conrad Ng is very knowledgeable. I am a member of several watch forums and its pretty much the consensus.
  9. lol, i'm sorry, but you made a very misfortunate spelling mistake in your title, I was thinking this thread was about very bad fakes, like the PRADO bags from Sex & the City...

    I don't know much about Rolexes, only that i'll probably never afford one...
  10. Wear what you like is what I say. Whether that is a diamond encrusted Patek or a Timex.
  11. there are true connoisseurs (spelling) of every luxury item that prefer not to have the mainstream...they seek out the finest craftsmen and makers
    from wine to watches to handbags.

    i don't think my taste would ever go "beyond" a rolex or cartier...but if i had the time, energy, and finaces...i'm sure i could find something with more of a personal touch
  12. I have one, but I agree with him. There are sooo many other brands aside from Rolex out there! It is definitely NOT the end all be all in watches! :no: But I have to say, if that's what makes you happy, then good for you. To each his own!
  13. Rolex is a fine timepiece-hand assembled, in house movement, attention to detail in the finish work. A true watch connoisseur will see the value in certain aspects of a Rolex, but will realize it is a moderate priced watch in the world of high end watches. I own 3 and absolutely love my watches. I also find satisfaction with my Tag, Swatch, Patek, and I enjoyed wearing some of my past collection as well (Panerai, Audemars, Cartier, Michele, and Omega.

    For the mass market buyer, Rolex is somewhat the pinnacle and a highly recognized brand. If you want one, definitely buy one. You won't regret the purchase! Don't worry about guys like Ng.
  14. I love Rolex! Buy what you like and don't worry about what others think.... I love the look of the Rolex watch plus it has a personal connection for me since my dad always wore a Rolex watch and was very happy with it. I now own two of my own and I still have my dad's Rolex. I'm hoping someday to buy a Rolex for my DH! I already know which one to get him and I know he'll like it because he picked it out already!! One day I'll surprise him!
  15. A person has to realize that there is always something better. It almost doesn't matter what you pay for something because there will always be something that is MORE expensive, MORE exclusive or harder to get. I guess it depends how just how much you want to play that game. Do you want to get the piece that is right for you, that you love? Or do you want to seek out something you had not considered before to impress people you've never met?