People who judge you based on the bag you carry...

  1. I'm a member of another forum that has nothing to do with designer brands; it's just a general message board. Anyway, I've been posting there for well over a year and know many of the members fairly well. Today someone started a thread entitled "Post your purse," and naturally I chose to participate and posted a picture of my Mono Speedy 30. I just posted a picture... I wasn't like OMG my $620 LOUIS VUITTON!!!!11

    Suddenly EVERYONE starts bashing me and saying that I must be lying and the bag isn't mine, others saying it must be a fake. They even proceeded to call me an idiot for spending so much on a bag and told me that my parents must have done an awful job of raising me. They felt that I must be a stuck up little snob just because I own a designer bag.

    I find it so irritating when people decide that they can judge me by the bag I have hanging on my arm. Sure, I love my LVs and I enjoy having nice things, but it isn't WHO I am; there's so much more to me than that! Anyway, just felt the need to rant! :yucky:
  2. Don't listen to them...they're probably just jealous. I've noticed that too though..when I'm on another site that has nothing to do with designer brands, I just try not to say anything about any designers at all. Unfortunately some people just don't get it...but really, when THEY'RE the ones buying your bags, THEN they can make comments like that.
    But that's what's so great about this forum...we're all in the same boat and love our LV :yes:
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you got treated that way. That's why you need to come to this forum more from now on. :graucho:
  4. Even though I don't post very much, just kind of lurk around, I love this forum for the exact reason that everyone here loves their bags!

    On a trip to Boston, some friends of friends were like, "OMG, I can't believe you would bring that on a trip!" (Mono Speedy 25)

    Just ignore it!
  5. I agree with maybeimeow,

    Ignore them. I don't think it is jealousy, they just don't have the same interest and they don't understand your passion. To each his own. Enjoy your handbags and SMILE!
  6. kinda amusing, if it's fake they bash you and if it's real too... as you said, those people don't know you, don't take it seriously
  7. First people having fake to get a self justification that they have one even its FAKE, then there is some people who always somehow feel like they have the right to bash others for what others able to have or spent on. After having enjoying luxury items for a few years, I encounter this a lot, either for myself or my friend stories. One of my friend has her best friend said to her that, why she spent on lv bags without consulting her as her close friend, havent she consider that with that money, how many people she can help through charity. Gosh, as soon as I heard this story, I was almost :sick: and guess what, after their friendship turned sour for many more reasons, from the friendster of that girl, she also have lvs ... geeee! When she met me with my few bags, she always say oh I still cant find the one, wait for the bargain, claiming the tax, bla bla bla. I dont mean to be the "b" type, thank God for those having this forum up and this topic ... hahahahahhahahahahahhaha.

    Basically, just ignore them. Smile and simply said "Its OK". Or just smile.

    Btw, welcome to forum.
  8. blah! who cares about them right? lol YOU DESERVE to splurge on yourself once in a while! but more seriously, if people judge you, then leave, cuz you don't need to be around a buncha people who don't even know the true you! Also, if they call you an 'idiot' well obviously diff people have diff priorities right? THEY may not be able to smack down hundreds of dollars on a bag, but they shouldn't say things like that cuz it's called RESPECT! lol :biggrin:
  9. I lurk in a shopping forum, and the responses some of those people post about high end designer bags are mean and rude. Some people literally attack other people for buying high end bags.

    From what I have gathered with these shopping forums and chats, there are people from all social economic classes. These people, myself included, have trouble trying to imagine how other social economic classes live along with their spending habits. I am sure that many of us have no idea how it is to live from paycheck to paycheck or what it is like to have to make payments for a $50.00 coat.
  10. .... are not worth it. :yes:
  11. :yahoo:
  12. you recognize the quality of the LV bag, or maybe it is the style or design.
    Whatever the case, you're the one enjoying it.
    So, enjoy it ! We all are, for different reasons.
    Hope to have you here again.
  13. I belong to another forum which is not bag related and they do the same thing. They say LV is overrated and paying more than $400 on a bag is just downright insane. If it's what you love, than continue rocking them. I like buying high quality bags myself that withstand the test of time. To each its own but I find it highly disconcerting that members would begin to degrade you publicly just because their beliefs don't agree with someone else's.:shrugs:
  14. I seriously don't understand some people... If I manage to use the bag for 10 years everyday, then ultimately I spend LESS money than those people who spend $50 (now, who knows what inflation is going to be) every year? Together for the fact that it's stylish all year long ;)
  15. It's a status symbol anyway you look at it ~ it's the truth, and if someone is going to bash us for having expensive goods well, let them!!! We work hard for what we have and we are entitled to everything we OWN!!