People who have seen the Look Book, A Question...

  1. OK, so as more people post about what they've seen in the look book, I thought I would ask my question again (in case anyone could answer it for me now). Has anyone seen pictures of the pumpkin and snowman keychains for the Fall? Are they in the Look Book? I seriously need to go back to my local LV, but to be honest, I don't really like the 5th Ave. Vuitton store, it just seems so busy and not personal. If ANYONE can tell me ANYTHING about these keychains, I would be soooo HAPPY!:nuts:
  2. I need to go to the store next week. I try to picture it in my head but only orange pumpkin sugar cookies for Halloween came out [​IMG]

    I am curious to see . Love your speedy perfo..
  3. Huh, who is designing them? I am very curious and will pump my SA this weekend for info and pics.
  4. in a post a while back, when discussing all of the releases for the fall, someone posted Vuitton was making a pumpkin and a snowman head keychain (in my mind I think of the Hermes pumpkin and snowman keychains). I'm absolutely DYING to find out more about them...but I still haven't really heard (or seen) anything. I'm probably going to ask Vuitton in NYC this weekend, but I just don't like approaching the SAs'm just hoping someone can give me a little more info and just tease me about these keychains!:biggrin:
  5. Well there was a LV snowman charm on elux - don't know if that is what you were looking for???
  6. $3350 :huh:
  7. I think that is the bracelet charm...I think vuitton is looking for the key chain
  8. Gotcha - didn't know about the key chain.
  9. OMG!!! I LOVE THE SNOWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  10. Yeah, thats def. one of their fabulous charms for their bracelet. I don't remember what discussion it was under, but its supposed to be a key chain, and I was thinking along the lines of this Hermes keychain that I'm including in the post. Or at least, I can only hope Vuitton does something like this...wouldn't it be cute in epi mandarin?? And what if the snowman was in vernis perle? Wouldn't that be amazing??!! See...this is what my imagination does when I don't have any guidelines/photos...
    hermes pumpkin.jpg
  11. And here is a pic of the Hermes snowman key chain. I think these are so cute, and if Vuitton does anything remotely like them, I'm going to go insane!:amazed:
  12. I Love The Hermes Pieces.....I Can't Wait For The LV, Too!
  13. $3350? Is that the price? Yikes!!!
  14. The picture I saw of the pumpkin one made it look like a tiny (about grape-sized) bell with a kind of funny face and a hook like the pochette extender. It wasn't a big was $220. I think I'll end up getting one for my mom since her birthday is in October.
  15. Thanks LVBabyDoll, I've just decided that I'm going to have to go back down 5th Ave and ask the SAs at Vuitton to see the look book...if I can flag one of them down. :hrmm: ha ha ha.