people who have ever rented an apartment...

  1. Curious if you know anyone or have you personally had pets in an apartment when there were no pets allowed? I have a conversation with my friend and she said so many people have done it...I am curious to hear your responses, if so -did you or they ever get caught? If so what happened? I lived in an apart about 7 years ago, no pets allowed but we still had our 2 cats. Never any problems, but I am sure there are some places out there that actually do to hear your response!
  2. one of my first apartments allowed pets but did not specify what kind of pets. so of course I had a cat. but then when pot-bellied pigs came to this country and I was one of the first suckers who fell for the whole, "oh they don't get very big at all" , "they're just like dogs", "they're so smart", (which they are), "they'll do your taxes", etc. So I bring home this adorable little piggy named Lisa - couldn't have been more than 2 -3 lbs. Not only did she grow rapidly but began "rooting" around and destroying furniture and the lattice work on my balcony. Clearly needed to be outdoors. This soon defined what pets were allowed in my building. I did comply with the rules "after" all the destruction and placed her with a family that had a whole slew of "miniature" animals on their property.
    So in closing, its better to comply with the rules of any place you choose to live. It saves alot of headaches and its just the right thing to do. Afterall, if you were a landlord, wouldn't you want your tenants to comply with your rules?
  3. I lived in an apartment building that didn't allow pets. But I did keep my cat in the apartment for three years with no problems. She was a quiet, indoor cat so no one knew. Whenever work was done inside the apartment no one ratted me out. Also, I think that since I was a good tenant, kept the place extremely clean and always paid my rent on time that no one bothered me about it.
  4. My sister has had two Chihuahua's in an apartment that didn't allow pets before; however, before she moved out, she had professional carpet cleaners come in and clean the floors. No fines, but pretty sure they still found out about the Chi's.
  5. If you do that, make sure to get a deep professional cleaning of the place when you move out. That way, you are being courteous to the next tenants who may have animal allergies and might be moving there because it's supposed to be a pet-free environment.
  6. One way or another, your landlord will know. Aside from the pee stains and the odor, they do usual checks of the fire alarms and sprinklers where they go inside your unit. I suggest you look for an apt. that do accept pets and pay for your pets... Some apartments would even ask for pictures of your pets. In case they go missing, they'd help you out with the flyers and stuff like that. Pretty cool, eh? :biggrin:
  7. As I a young adult I had a cat in a no pets problems. Most cats do not urinate, especially if they are fixed and you keep their box clean.
  8. Yeah, I've had cats in no pets places, and they're fine. Very rarely do landlords come into the rentals (unless they only have 1 or 2 properties). Most have contractors handle the maintenance, and they usually couldn't careless what you have in your apt.
    Just realize that you are breaking the lease agreement so if they catch you, you can forfeit your deposit. I'd just be ready for a good excuse like you're keeping it for a friend for a few days...something like that.
  9. If you have a landlord that you know and you always pay on time, talk to them. That's my best advice.

    Often times if they're nice, they'll bend the rules for you.
  10. I live in a "No pets building"
    The funny thing is it is a 12 unit building and 5 of us now have dogs (including the owner of the building who lives there). When ever she has to put up a for rent sign it always says "No Pets". I have lived there for almost 18 years and she has had a small dog (2 different ones) for as long as I have lived there.

    8 years ago my husband was guilted into taking home a 3 month old Long Hair Chihuahua puppy (just for the night) As soon as I pulled into the garage the owner of the building was out walking her dog and saw the puppy. I was NOT planning on keeping him but after about 30 minutes I fell so in love with it. I asked her if I could keep it. We made an agreement that if it barked or disturbed anyone I would get rid of it. Well he has never barked once inside in 8 years. Plus I take him EVERYWHERE with me. He goes with me to work everyday.

    About 6 months ago one of my other neighbors asked the owner if she could get a dog. After lots of begging she finally gave in. Then without asking in advance, 2 other tenants went out and got dogs but at that point she could not really do much. So now it is a very pet friendly building. But she still puts up the for rent sign that says no pets
  11. As the owner of an apartment building, I finally gave in and allowed cats after having a strict no pet policy. So far, there is only one problem, one woman does NOT clean the litter boxes and her apartment STINK to high heaven. I mean it makes my eyes water when I go in there. We do not allow dogs. I get enough complaints about noisy apartments, I don't need barking dogs upsetting the other tenants. I'd say about 1/3 of the tenants hardly clean up after themselves, I doubt they would deign to clean up after a dog. I, personally, would evict a tenant if they brought in a dog, the lease is clear.
  12. Yep and I don't recommend it. This was ages ago (c. 1990) when I had my first place with a roomie. We got a cat but didn't want to pay the pet deposit. Sure enough, we got busted when the landlady noticed our kitty in our living room window. By then we were going to move out anyway so we didn't get in a lot of trouble.
  13. I work in a housing department, and the tenants aren't allowed to have pets. As far as I know, if they are found out they are usually told to get rid of the pet or they'll be kicked out. I've heard of some sad cases of people desperately trying to find someone to take their pet so they didn't have to break their lease and lose a bunch of money (they pay by the semester, not by the month).

    I, personally, think that's very irresponsible, unless you're willing to move with the pet if you get in trouble for it. Also, keep in mind that it isn't always easy to hide your pet; I've seen cats up on window sills and batting their paws under the door, we've found cat toys under the fridges or in the heating registers, and I honestly have no clue how you could hide a dog (they could bark, they have to go outside, etc). Other tenants could also out you. And sometimes someone has to come into your apartment for maintenance or an emergency; in the apartments I work in, the building attendants have to have "permission to enter" if the tenant is not home, and often times we're suspicious of the ones that don't give permission. I always pipe in with, "Hmm, someone has a cat." ;)

    Once we went into the apartment of a girl who didn't give permission to enter (while she was home, of course, we came by at the scheduled time she requested), her bedroom door was shut, and it was very obvious she was hiding a cat. There was a cat toy on the living room floor one minute, turned around and it was gone the next. Also saw the cat food and litter containers and food/water dishes, haha.

    It can be hard to find a place that allows pets, though, and I can speak from experience on that one. But I'm so glad that we don't have to sneak around, that everything is legal, and that our landlord is not only aware of our pets, but has also met them. I understand there are certain circumstances where people might feel the need to hide their pet, but if you can avoid it whatsoever, then that is my recommendation.
  14. I've never lived in a place that didn't allow pets. I just skip those ads when looking for an apartment.