people who have done paranasal implant/ know someone who have it done.

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  1. is it worth it? ive heard mixed reviews. some say its drastic, their fold is gone but leads to a weird smile and some say thers barely any difference and the fold only improves slightly. (even if the patient is not old n dont hav a severe fold to begin with)

    for people who have done paranasal implant/ know someone who have it done, please share your stories. thanks so much
  2. Interesting topic:cool:

    I would like to acquire more information about paranasal implants using autologous bone extracted during facial contouring surgeries. So basically one chance to do this^^

    Does anyone know if it feels the same(annoying) like the silicon ones and has the same disadvantages?
    The only forumer I saw got this is Yukina(she went to Braun) but never came back to upddate.

    Any information will be more than welcome!
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  3. hi IlektraT ive sent u a pm plz check :smile:
  4. Anyone had this done? I did it yesterday due to the convincing of the consultant. But i regret it now based on the reviews online. Can i easily have it removed? Will the skin sag?
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  5. does it look natural though?? ><
  6. How does it look now? Are you happy with it?
  7. I wanna know too!
  8. was yours serious to begin with? wht material did u use n which hospital is it
  9. I'm guessing it's not that common seeing as how there arent many posts about it on this forum?
  10. I just did it! It's only been a few days so I'm still swollen but I will update soon :heart:
  11. Yes I have had it done at View.
    For me it made a huge difference, I had deep nasobial folds and Im in my early 20's. So I got paranasal augmentation

    Reasons why so many people say that the procedure did not work for them is because the prosthetic used is not fixed causing it to "move"

    Proper placement and screws is what determines the final result. Because I have V-surgery, my own bone was shaped and used for my prosthetic. You have the decision of silicon or bone. Either is fine, the bone option is mainly for those who are allergic to silicon. I had my bone then placed and then properly fixed with dissiolvable screws.

    While regular screws leave a hole in the bone, dissolvable screws interacts with the surrounding tissue to promote bone growth that naturally fills in the holes made by the screws.

    If interested, you can see a lot of before and after pictures from my review. (Im 3 months recovery)

    Side note: Fillers work just as great. The paranasal augmentation is for those who desire a more permanent result with no requirement for maintenance like fillers
  12. I'm wondering does anyone know what Korean plastic surgery clinics offer paranasal augmentation? I only know of View and 101PS. Most clinics don't have it listed on their site, so I don't know if that means they don't do it or it's just not featured.
  13. almost everyone does it. i had mine done and removed with regen.
  14. Why did you have it removed? Did it feel odd, or alter your smile?
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  15. I’m interested in this too, as it’s something that was recommended to me. However, since I’m getting rhinoplasty + tip plasty, I’d be worried my nose would end up too long/unnatural.