people who hate patina why do you buy LV with vachette...

  1. I have noticed many people complain about patina and I do not get why they buy LV with vachette. I love patina therefore, I buy items with vachette for that reason. If you hate patina maybe LV with vachette is not for you....just needed to voice that so do not get upset it is just an observation...if you hate patina vachette is not for use unless you can replace it from time to time...ME :heart: :heart: :heart: patina and it is part of the reason I buy LV...I hate new blonde naked untanned LV...golden tan soo nice to me IMO....
  2. I love MC more than I hate patina. Same with Vernis. They don't make them without vachetta.
  3. Also, you can always get the leather replaced if it patinas too much for your own taste:smile:
  4. Because monogram has beautiful styles that epi, damier, etc don't have.
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  5. and also, I like the look of monogram canvas, I just wished it didn't patina. :sad:
  6. I just LOVE patina
  7. Me too, but I don't like virgin vachetta much, I think it kind of looks dead :Push: The honeystage is my favorite, when it gets too dark it starts to bug me.
  8. Interesting thread; I've also wondered about this. I don't like the idea of dealing with patina but I really like the wonderful styles of many of the mono bags. It was only when I was about to buyone that I changed my mind.
    That said, oh how I wish they made a Trouville with another leather! :love:
  9. I love patina....I think it adds so much to a bag!! When you first get it and it's really light I think it makes the bag look more fake for some reason.
  10. ditto:yes:

  11. me too :yahoo: :smile: :yes: :yahoo:
  12. OMG I LUV dark patina, my BH is getting a perfect Spanish tan:roflmfao:
  13. personally, i don't like it when it gets too dark... i only like it when it's a nice honey color.

    i buy LV because i happen to like many of the mono bags. the vachetta is not going to stop me from buying altogether. not liking patina is not a valid reason to say that LV is not for those who feel that way.
  14. I like both the new and tan vachetta, but I don't like it when it gets really dark and dirty looking.
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  15. I actually :heart: the vachetta, but like it to remain as 'v... white' as possible means there's a new bag in the closet.

    I don't like to prematurely cause the tan in the patina either.

    As time goes by, it will be honey gold and ready to use and not until a new LV takes place its seat in the closet of LV fame...:shrugs: IMHO