People who had a bag shipped from Nordstrom. Question!

  1. I wanna return a bag I had shipped from Nordstrom and I have called them twice and told them to please send DHL to come and pick it up cuz that's how they do their long distance returns. It's been weeks and DHL has not come by and this damn bag is on my account. I called yesterday again and they said today DHL would come and alas they have not.

    Has this happened to anyone else? They claim I can't return to a Nords that doesn't sell Balenciaga but I think I am going to try because I don't wanna have to pay interest on a bag I am not keeping. I mean this is ridiculous! Anyone else go through this with them?
  2. Nordstrom is known for their customer service. I would take it to your local Nordstrom and explain the DHL situation. I am sure they will take it back locally.
  3. Do you think I should take it back to the purse area of my local Nordstrom or the customer service dept?
  4. Handbag department. Or customer service, if you are more comfortable w/that. If they start to say no, ask them to call a manager, store manager, etc. I don't think they will give you any trouble.
  5. Oh my god DHL just came!!! haha.
  6. For future reference. Any Nordies will take it back. I ordered a Bal wallet from CA and it went back to the Nordies in NJ no questions asked.
  7. Ohhh that's good to know!
  8. I'm pretty sure you'll get the interest you pay on the purchase back when the transaction is reversed, so I wouldn't worry about that either.
  9. i agree! i returned used laura mercier makeup that i had for months b/c it gave me a rash. they took everything back. no questions asked and they didn't even open up the boxes. i :heart: them for their return policy.
  10. Isn't that they should included the prepaid shipping label ? My understanding if you purchase from NM, they will included the prepaid return label, it is not with nordstrom ? Just curious
  11. No nordstrom's doesn't include a pre-paid shipping label to send it back. That would make the most sense. Instead you have to call for DHL pick up and if you miss DHL you have to call again and schedule another pick up. And whenever DHL comes to pick it up they always ask if I have a label. I say no, and they say are you refusing the package. I said I guess. They don't give you a receipt or anything. Nordstrom's says they will be responsible of the package doesn't get back to them. But who knows. Definitely a pain. *Purse* good to know that your local Nordies took it back .
  12. I ordered a BBag from Nordstrom and returned it to the Canoga Park Nordstrom. They wigged out for a moment then the manger took it back, no problems.
  13. Nordstrom's has THE BEST CS ever, IMO. If anyone orders from on-line or other stores and would want to return it to their local Nordies, you have to go to the CS counter for returns, instead of the specific department.
  14. Glad to hear that DHL finally came for your return!

    I had the same thing happen to me twice. In frustration I returned the first item to my local Nordies and everthing went fine. The second time I returned them to the Stanford Nordies and the entire department ground to a halt trying to figure out what to do with a Balenciaga :wacko: It was the most miserable experience I have ever had at a Nordies. Eventually they took the bag back and credited me through the Sacto store (so I never got a receipt, it was very annoying to me).

    Here is more on that whole policy:

    BTW: I still love Nordies but I think they need to improve this so the customer gets a RECEIPT for the return.