People who don't love handbags

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  1. Sorry but I have got to get this off my chest. Why do so many women carry non descipt plain black bags? "because it goes with everything". No honey it doesn't, it just makes you look like you can't be bothered. I know many women don't have funds for luxury items but there are lots of great bags out there. My friend has been carrying the same plain black bag ever since I've known her (she doesn't paint her toenails either, you get the picture). I just want to say to these women "you deserve to look after yourself & start by ditching that bland bag". I wish a store would hold a bland bag amnesty & offer a discount. It would help to get some of these bland bags off our streets.
  2. Well, each to her own right? I mean I am a bag addict but I can't be bothered to paint my toenails... I don't really see a connection to that one anyways. But I am sure there are other things that they splurge on taht you would never consider spending more than the minimal amount on.
  3. Some people don't care about handbags.

    Your friend has just a right to wear a bland bag and think it goes with everything just as much as you have a right to change your bag every season (and color your toenails).

    xIcyBluex, Yeah I don't see the connection either. I love handbags and clothes but if someone offered me a pedi I would pass. I know some girls on here who don't care about clothes but have a bbag in every imaginable color.
  4. It's just different strokes for different folks! Some people have other priorities in life and spending money on bags isn't one of them
  5. When my co-worker needed a new handbag because her strap broke I was like...Ohhhh you get to pick out a new handbag now! She looked at me like I was crazy, said she hated shopping and would probably just have her husband run into Walmart and pick one up for her. Shocking! LOL Some people just do not care and she's a great lady, just has other priorities.

    ps - I never go out with unpainted toenails! Definitely one of my things, my feet feel nekkid otherwise. :P
  6. Look around there are so many women carrying plain black bags and they seem to be carried by women who dont care for themselves. I agree vanity is very shallow, but so many ladies out there put everyone else before themselves. I'm going to get my friend a voucher for her birthday so she can treat herself. Hopefully not to a new plain black bag "because it goes with everything".
  7. Oh my unpainted toe nails, I wouldn't inflict my hooves on the world with out a lick of polish. I guess I just am so tired of seeing lovely ladies carrying those dull black bags everywhere, when there are so many lovely (and non expensive) bags.
  8. You should go to the library and look for a book called The Millionaire Next Door. You would be surprised at how many very wealthy women think you're crazy to waste your money on things like this.
  9. I agree with your points made. My problem isn't with money spent. Let's face it we all know there are far more inportant things in life. My beef is with the curse of the plain black bag!!!! Used everywhere (even at the beach) & for every occassion.
  10. I could have cared less about handbags until about 4 years ago. I had only 1 bag at a time, from KMart & would carry it until it was dead. Then I would be upset because I'd have to go spend $20.00 on another one.
    I can hardly believe it now.....
  11. Yep me too one black bag and one black pair of shoes (with unpainted toe nails I might add). My mother was (& still is) far more glamorous than me. Something made me think one day "start looking after yourself". Yes I have two designer bags but I also have a small group of colourful cheap bags. Thankfully I now have a few more pairs of shoes.
  12. I agree to each her own. I dont think because some has chosen not to be a bag ho and just uses 1 bag black/brown or green says they cant be bothered. Would you say the same thing if I only owned a LV speedy and that was all I used that I just couldnt be bothered ? Because someone isnt a girly girl and doesnt do their nails or toes means that cant be bothered ? Sorry I'm confused.

    I think everyone has their thing, that is what makes us US.Regarless of that one bag costing me 500$ or it costing me 20$ Its about how you feel about you.
  13. Isnt that funny,
  14. I agree. I mean I guess everyone can't be into bags the way we are and I try to remember that, but I still hate to see women with drab, nondescript black bags. There ARE so many cute bags available that I don't see why they don't take advantage of them.
  15. I have a friend who carries this little (I mean little) bag with fake leopard print fur....if you saw this bag, it looks like something a 5 year old would carry. She's been using that darn thing for years now and everytime we meet up for dinner with all the girls, she's carrying that thing. I would rather she be carrying a black non descript bag than that furry thing. Oh well, we can't all be bagaholics, right?