People who criticize your love for handbags...


Nov 21, 2005
I was wondering if many of you ever encounter criticism or confusion from other women regarding your love for handbags?

My mother just doesn't get my fixation...and the irony is that she started it for me with that first house-shaped handbag she gave me as a toddler!:lol:

A very good friend of mine seems really confused as she watches me assess minute (in her opinion) details on a handbag, like the color and pattern of the stitching. Her mouth fell open once as she watched me reject a certain "it" bag because, as I put it, "the leather didn't smell right." :shame: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Or are all of you lucky enough to have handbag-loving friends?
Most of my friends and family are not informed of what I spend on handbags - they would be horrified and would judge me to be extravagant - I don't really care what they think but I always believe it is best to keep your expenditures on shoes, bags and jewelry to yourself - It's nobody's business and it's your life. All the more reason for this blog where we are all similarly afflicted and can speak freely.
My friends do NOT understand my obession with handbags neither. Everytime they see me with a new bag, they'll always comment sarcastically "geeze, how many bags do you have now or did you lost count already?" My family thinks I'm kind of crazy too but I'm lucky to have 2 family members that share my love with handbags: my dad and my aunt!!

My dad likes anything that's made in Europe (especially Italian leather) so if I come home with a handbag that's made in Italy, he'll be crazily admiring that piece of art. He thinks designer handbag is an investment too (lucky me). :amuse:

My aunt is the ultimate handbag collector and shopoholic from my mom's side. I guess I can blame her for my handbag obsession since she helped kick start my handbag fixation when I was young by giving me a new purse (like Guess or Nine West) every b-day and holiday. She has a large closet full of designer clothes that I sometimes borrow for special events. And she has a large collection of handbags such as Fendi, LV, Coach, etc. that I would love to get my hands on one of these days. :lol:

Since my friends don't understand my obsessive love for handbags, at least I got 2 family members to turn to share my love. :love:
My boyfriend... He's been really annoyed of me getting more and more handbags these days...

My mom and dad.. although they know the meaning of a good handbag (my dad recently just bought my mom a hermes ostrich birkin :smile:.. they don't agree with my excessive spending habit nowadays :sad:
Well, I know I have been somewhat skeptical of other people's expensive collecting habits.

People who buy and collect beanie babies, stamps, minature railroad sets, and figurines certainly puzzle me. But if someone calls into question my collection of Rafe - I just figure, to each their own.
Everyone criticizes my love of handbags. Especially my boyfriend. I have to hide bags from him! But people at work, my friends - they all think I am insane! But I fully admit my insanity where handbags are concerned!
My boyfriend doesn't understand, but it's rare to find a guy that does :lol:

My co-worker is also into bags, and we go to the mall a few times a week over our lunch hour. Everyone at work always asks when I'm going to show up with a new bag :P
my boyfriend doesn't understand...he thinks it's silly...

actually, no one understands. none of my friends like bags. my mom likes them to a certain point, but not enough. *sigh* y'all are all i've got!
My husband doesn't question it...he just doesn't understand it. My friends and family know I have a passion but they don't know the extent. And that's just fine with me. The collection is for me. Not for anyone else.
I feel so lucky, since one of my best friends is as crazy about bags as I am. Actually, it causes trouble, as the two of us never tell the other one *not* to get something. :nuts:
In fact, right now we're carrying the same Coach bag. We'd talked for ages about how much we disliked one style, and over time we independently came to really like it. It was like this huge confessional moment when I said "you know, that one bag is really growing on me." She was like "I was not getting it because of you," and we both got it within a week of each other. ;)
Still, one of my other best friends doesn't really get the handbag thing, but she's into designer clothes, so she has a frame of reference in that area. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has no clue. :biggrin:
My boyfriend does not understand and it is hard to hide a new bag from him. He knows what I own :idea: and says that a bag does only one thing: hold your stuff so why does it matter what bag it is? That comment always gets me steamed:evil:

My parents don't understand either they think I am just wasting money.
Most of my close friends and coworkers & immediate family all think I have a few screws loose...they just cannot fathom why I am obsessed with handbags, more specifically, designer makeup bags, and how I could blow a fortune on this obsession...

My boyfriend doesn't want to understand my "sickness" but he is fully supportive (emotionally & financially :biggrin: ) when I ask him to buy me a handbag that he "approves," if he doesn't, well, I'm left with having to buy it on my own or wait for him to be in a super happy mood when I can con him into anything, hee hee! :lol:

My best friend is a sicko for shoes-manolo, jimmy choo, christian loubuton?, guiseppe zanotti, just to name a few (I sometimes don't get how a pair of dinky shoes could cost more than a LV?) but glad I have y'all to obsess together with hee hee
i definitely do not tell anyone in my family about how much they cost. they know it's expensive but not a clue. my boyfriend knows and he doesn't really agree with my purchases but doesn't give me too much of a hard time. money is always an issue eh? i don't have too many friends who are into the high end stuff, except for one girl at work, but that's about it...