People Who Bid 5 Seconds Before The Auction Is Over!!!!!

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  1. If I placed my highest bid and waited patiently for the auction to be over and someone comes along and bids within 5 seconds. That leaves me no chance to hit reload and bid again because the 10 seconds are gone by the time I placed my bid..OMG! It makes me so MAD! I think it's unfair...I understand it's a part of the biding eBay experience..but sometimes it's soooo annoying.

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. maybe you should try and use a sniper. it automatically bids for you and you can set it to bid in the last few seconds.

    try, it's free for the first two weeks
  3. Well if your bid is high enough then those people wouldn't be able to snipe. I know sometimes when I have been out sniped I only had a few dollars more on my bid.

    I have started sniping because it is easier than trying to go back and forth and drive the price up in the meantime.
  4. I'm a sniper! I use but I understand works as well. It's very useful to use when you want to bid on an auction but you won't be at your computer to do so.
  5. OOOH that makes me so mad too LOL, but what are you gonna do? You put in your maximum amount so you would have lost if they had just bid a little earlier too. There will always be another one of whatever you want on Ebay :smile:
  6. I snipe! I use always free and always works!
  7. i'm one of those people that bid at the last second! no point in starting a bidder war any earlier!
  8. this is a little off topic, but is trustworthy?

    and GiMMe MoRe BaGs, i'm sorry you didn't win your item, but just remember to bid the highest amount you are willing to pay at late as possible. if anyone else wins past your amount, then you can always say "well, i wasn't willing to pay more than that", or "ha, that person did not get a good deal", or something on the lines of being comforted that you didn't pay more than what you have wanted to. :yes:
  9. I'm a sniper & use auctionsniper aslo when I know I will not be around the computer. I learned my lesson on bidding wars years ago.
  10. You didnt exactly place your highest bid if you're still willing to bid more... :shrugs:

    I'm a sniper and darn proud of it!! I noticed that someone sniped on one of my auctions today and the person who was willing to pay the most (not the sniper) won so it's all a matter of how much you're willing to pay, not when the bid is placed.
  11. Sniping's the only way to go...otherwise you jack up the price!
  12. I totally agree!
  13. another vote for sniping. I use auctionsniper. I agree that it def keeps the price down
  14. biddingscheduler is great. it's free and it works. you have to pay for auctionsniper.
  15. I only ever bid by sniping. I use to just bid but found I lost nearly everything I went for plus it just pushes the price up, so I started sniping and now very rarely do I lose anything I want.
    I know its annoying for people that bid then I come along in the last few seconds but I have found its the only way to bid and win.