People still do nice things for strangers! (my travel story)

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  1. DH and I just spent a few weeks in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and had a fantastic time. On our last day in Copenhagen we were planning to take the metro to the airport. After doublechecking that the automated metro ticket machine accepts credit cards, we intentionally spent our remaining cash. When we got to the metro station and tried to buy our tickets using our credit card, the machine required us to enter a PIN in order to complete the transaction (which most credit cards there have). Since US credit cards don't have PINs we couldn't complete the transaction. Before we could think about where to find an ATM to get cash, a nice young woman who was purchasing a ticket for herself at the next machine leaned over and put in her credit card and bought us our tickets! She said it was good advertising for Denmark and sent us on our way.

    THANK YOU to that nice woman! I believe in karma, it goes around everywhere.
  2. aww that's very sweet. i've been to europe several times and strangers have always been friendly. thanks for sharing!
  3. That is very nice! I love scandinavia! Such a beautiful place and beautiful people. I just need to go to norway and greenland and I'll be completely rounded. Can't say I've ever bought anyones tickets but I take the metro daily and I've given countless people directions on how to get home or to wherever they are going. LOL
  4. That's really lovely :tup:
  5. awesome story!!!
  6. I've been to Italy (Verona, Milan, Brescia, Maderno) and had a similar case of hospitality.
    In Milan we got totally lost, asked for directions and this guy on a bicycle was on his way home but got off it to walk us to our destination which was the opposite direction to where he was headed. In Verona when testing a pay-as-you-go SIM card on my cell phone, I realized to my horror my UK-registered phone was locked, some customer at the phone store offered to let me use his phone FOC. Mind you in these places hardly anyone speaks English but they will still go out of their way to help tourists.
  7. wow, that is a rare thing too. not a lot of people would do that. indeed, very nice story, and there is always somebody nice to help out.
  8. Good stuff!! :tup:

    And how was the rest of the trip? (I want to go back!)
  9. Great story!!! Here's a slightly different story but a similar good experience while I was traveling abroad. When I was a senior in high school, my mom and I went to London for a week. While we were shopping not far from our hotel, I got sick and couldn't walk the remaining few blocks to our hotel from the underground station.

    My mom hailed a cab to drive us back to the hotel. The cab driver drove us to the hotel and when my mom took out her wallet to pay him, he declined and just told us to have a nice day!!! He could tell that I wasn't feeling well and since it was such a short distance for him to drive, he didn't want to charge us the cab fare! I've always remembered that incident and thought it was very nice of the cab driver. He did a good deed for the day!
  10. I loved reading other people's stories in this thread too! It usually seems like everyone's in too much of a hurry or pinching pennies so it's always nice to hear about people who help others for no other reason but out of kindness.
  11. A really nice story. How was your trip otherwise? Which places did you visit? Sorry for being so curious..
  12. ^ We went to Finland, Denmark and Sweden. My MIL is from Finland so we visited family there, we were in Helsinki for a few days and then went to the summer cabin where I experienced the authentic Finnish sauna (I thought I was going to pass out) and also wakeboarded for the first time (which left me rather sore for the rest of the trip). We took the ferry to Stockholm which is a fantastic city, so much character and history and easy to walk around. Then we took the train to Copenhagen, stayed right on Nyhavn canal which was picturesque but loud.

    We loved going to all the museums, royal residences, and other tourist spots. It was great that it stayed light so late in the evening, and had some great food. Unfortunately I only window shopped because the dollar is so weak right now, but I loved seeing all the Scandi designs (Marimekko fabrics, Iittala glass, etc etc). We loved everything about the area - the people, food, sights, etc!
  13. I love Iittala glass... i'm looking at three of their candleholders right now.

    that's such a nice story. my family is originally from sweden and i love that the people there are so nice. i've always found them to be reserved but nice, and i love going back there (I go every other summer!!)
  14. Like nearly everyone here in Finland I have lots of things from Marimekko and Iittala. I even have some Marimekko shirts that my mom gave to me and they are about 30 years old.

    Glad to hear you had a great trip! Your sauna experince sounds funny. :P
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    We visited Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Tallin last month. The people are very nice, helpful and friendly! The UK and St. Petersburg(well, at least our tour guides were exceptional in Russia! SPB Tours are awesome!), Amsterdam and Brussels(except for the baggage keeper at the train station, blecchh!), even Paris, they were helpful and kind to us.