People Staring At Your Large Rocks????

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  1. So any of you have people stare :wtf:at your large diamond engagement rings? I sometimes feel uncomfortable wearing mine (3+), because of the stares and comments made.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Isn't that part of the reason to have a large rock??:P

    But seriously, if there are times when you feel uncomfortable or uneasy you should buy/wear something else like an eternity band. I don't wear my ring sometimes (which is not 3+) when somewhere where it doesn't seem appropriate.
  3. I'm definitely guilty of being that staring bystander. :drool:
  4. Honestly? It's Friday night and I'm tired and I read this as, "people staring at your large, er, knockers?"

    And I thought, "Of course, but what is this doing in the jewelry forum?"

    That made me LMAO, which I needed today.

    As to staring at large rings. . . well, mine's not big enough for that. But I do find myself staring at my friend's. All the time!
  5. ^^ LOL, how funny!! "large knockers" HAHAHAHA.

    another guilty one here too[​IMG]
  6. LOL! Get your had outta the gutter! :P

    Yes, sometimes I do. I actually didn't choose a big ring so others could gawk.:nogood:
    If it's women for some reason I don't mind too much but if it's men and depending on where I am I can get uneasy. It really depends on HOW they're looking at it too.
    I really need a small eternity band to wear when I don't want to wear my ring.
    I am not an attention seeker, so obvious attention of any kind isn't really comfortable for me.

    I was in a mall last week and a group of young guys seemed to notice my ring and the way they were trying to get a look at it freaked me out. It was just me and my 7yr old DD. I took it off and put it in my LV zippered pouch in my purse. :s
  7. Mine is over 4 carats and I find when I am alone and not around people I know - i.e. mall, checking out of the grocery store, etc. I turn my ring. I also tend to keep my left glove on more.
    No point in taking chances.
  8. ^^ that's a good way to eep people from checking it out at the store, just turn it over. i know somebody that does that too and sometimes i turn my ring around when i'm in sketchy areas.
  9. I don't mind it if they are only admiring the ring. What I don't like is when they look at the ring then stare at me from head to toe, probably analyzing if I look like the kind of person who can afford a big rock and if it's real. :P
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    nahh, i am really proud to wear anything my honey gets me and this is definitely one of them, and it's nice to get sincere compliments..i humbly say thank you with a smile and then compliment them back on their e-ring too, or handbag, shoes, etc.. i don't mind being stared at from head to toe, it's a real compliment specially ifit's coming from someone i admire as well.
  11. In this economy, I find that it is better to wear the bigger e-ring either in private or at public events that are more formal or "contained." Big rings are gorgeous, but a lot of people are really suffering financially right now and it seems that it could be taken as "in the face" statement --even if that is not the intent. Plus, as someone mentioned, if a group of people are checking out your hand--well, that is sort of dangerous, no?

    As a trend a lot of splashy "logo" clothing is really disappearing from the scene--and I think its for these reasons.
  12. Hi,
    just put your hand in your pocket-i wouldent take it off for anyone!
  13. ^^yes, could be dangerous, that's exactly why I acted quickly and moved along!
  14. I love and admire large rings...but I cant get myself to buy one because of this reason...but I certainly dont mind seeing them. one time, this lady had a ring that was 6+ and I just couldnt help but stare for a was huge!!! She looked uncomfortable so I quickly looked away and felt bad....

    Personally, I love different designs and fall for unique designs more than anything....I have a hard time wearing these even, and can imagine it would be a bit unnerving at times with ppl keep looking...
  15. mine is only 1.5 so not as big as your lovelly rings.. but still i get uneasy at times cuz i have a wedding band full of diamonds and teh sides etc and stuff are also full of diamonds