People rolling you...for your LV... :S

  1. hi...

    in australia...(sydney) we call it...well...the youths call it..."rolling...getting rolled..."
    THE PERSON stalking you...then when there's no one there...they ask you for everything you have...or else they'll knife you...etc...
    sorry i don't know what they call it in America...etc...street robbing?...

    weeks ago...i was waiting next to a narrow street in front of the glass of a shop...for my friend...and i took my wallet out put my bus ticket in...and i saw a 'gangster single'...'the black shirt, black pants, the face'
    i saw him through the reflection of the glass and he didn't stop staring dirty at me......
    then my phone started ringing...and my phone's the Prada phone...:sweatdrop: and i took it out...and he still didn't stop staring dirty at me...the eyes said "walk to the narrow street and the lv and prada phone is mine"
    and in my next wishlist was the keepall 45...:tdown: and that's BIGGG
    i was thinking...maybe i should keep my cles...astropill...etc...
    and i know a female friend...she walked into her apartment street...took her keys out in front of her door...and a hand covered her neck (a man)...asking for her bag...GUCCI BAG...and she said :sweatdrop: no...then he stabbed her on the arm 12 times...and she still didn't give the bag...the man took the bag off her...and ran...:sad:

    for weeks i didn't use my wallet...just took money with me in my pockets...:push:

    we all have our good and high times with our LV...but do you ever get paranoid/scared with your LV...?:crybaby:it's just so normal in Sydney now...the police don't even care...especially in the City
  2. Oh, that's a sad situation. I also get scared but I really try to avoid public places with my bags.
  3. In the states it is called "mugging" When I go to the city, etc (live in the suburbs) I usually turn my rings around and wear gloves, also I take my bus ticket and a few dollars and have that in my pocket so I do not have to go to my bag.
  4. if you get rolled...for your LV that the end? i was wondering what the police can do...
  5. So sorry that you felt so threatened. I know that these things can happen, just about anywhere. But I try and stay in well lighted areas with lots of people and be aware of my surroundings when I'm going to my car.

    I usually don't feel any qualms about carrying my LVs, but if I was going someplace I was very unfamiliar with or on the bus, I might not take one.
  6. scary! try not to flash anything designer in front of sketchy people.
  7. Oooh, not good. Sorry about what happened to your friend!

    I live in a city. A safe(r) city, granted one should use common sense at ALL times.
    For ex, avoid walking in specific places during specific times... Avoid allies... Certain subway lines during specific hours... etc...

    This said, the rule of thumb is: if someone askes you for anything, be prepared to give it to them at once, no questions asked. Nobody should ever resist getting mugged because it's always a life threatning situation...
  8. If I know I'm going to be in a bad area and know I still want to be able to use my bag, I have one of those tote things that opens out that I carry in the pocket of my bag. I open it out, put my bag inside it and wear the cheap tote on my shoulder. It looks so bad that no one would go after it (walking in a parking lot or something). That way I still had the fun of using my bag in the mall or whatever, but walking to my car I'm not of any interest to a mugger.
  9. wow im so sorry this happened to you & your friend

    idk what what id do, the other day i was walking around Miami and i almost had a panic attack bc i was so scared someone would grab my Baby Spy
    another time with my chihuahua here in NYC i became so scared someone would grab him

    i try not to think about it, in my neighborhood i think im pretty safe but you never know
  10. OMG, is your friend okay? :sad: How awful.
    I've heard a lot of stories, too, from my mom's friends. It's scary.
  11. In Sydney, I only get paranoid with my bags if I am going into a particularly unsafe area... and I use a cheap bag instead. Otherwise, I carry my LV's.
  12. ^ :yes: I do the same thing! I thought I was the only one.

    But back to the OP, granted we should always be careful, I think where one lives plays a huge part. I used to live in a very nice area of the subarbs where literally everyone (woman AND child) had an LV, crime rate there is extremely low so I always felt comfortable carrying my logo LV bags because the area is nice with no suspicious looking people around, not to mention that since everyone had one, I did not stand out or put myself in a position to be singled out by carrying a nice handbag. I never once felt uncomfortable or paused to wonder about my safety. I even felt comfortable carrying my bag to the supermarket late at night! :yahoo:

    Then I moved to a big city and everything changed. My comfort level for carrying a nice handbag took a nose dive! :push: Although there are still a good amount of people who carry LV here, it is no where close to everyone. Not to mention there is a much larger pool of people, much more diversity, and plenty of homeless and people asking for money on the streets. Most of the time, I would say I feel uncomfortable carrying my monogramed bags and if I did decided to carry it anyways I would at some point during my outing wonder if anyone is watching me and about to target me. I do believe, carrying a nice handbag makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd here and I do not want that kind of attention. So sad to say, I find myself using my monogramed LV less often or I have resorted to putting inside another bag while walking to the car or on the bus.
  13. Sorry that happened to your friend. Sometimes I get paranoid about stuff like that but it all depends on the neighborhood I'm going to be in. If I know I'll be in an area that's not safe, I wouldn't use my LVs.
  14. Could you please share your stories if you feel comfortable doing so? Although I think I am paranoid enough already :p it would probably be good to know what else we should be catious/aware of.
  15. i dont want to scare anyone but i feel like you just never know, no matter where you are. you just always have to be aware of your surroundings, to people who might be following you.