People returning used bags at Louis Vuitton

  1. Hi, Please dont take this in a bad way. I dont want to offend anyone. Although I myself would do this if I decided I didnt like a bag I bought after using it, I have never yet done it.

    People are returning bags to LV which they have used, although the bags look new and have only been used once. Would you mind if a bag you bought from LV had been used once before by someone else and then returned and you bought that bag not knowing that someone had used it ?.

    I dont think I would be happy because the bag would be classed as second hand (even if used once) although I have no problem with people returning a bag which has only been used once and LV re-selling it and I have no problem what so ever with used bags, I think that I would be upset that I had paid so much money out for a bag/accessorie that had allready been used and I could have probably got a used bag from eBay for less the price of the used bag at LV.

    What are your opinions on this ? Thanks :smile:
  2. I always ask for one with plastic still...and if only one left that might have been used it's not big deal
  3. If the bag looked new, I probably wouldn't even know. I remember returning an unused item to LV and the SA really took time to scrutinize every inch of it.
  4. I guess this is way most of my bags are USED, i figure I might as well save money instead of payng full price for something that has been out with another person.

    Like the other poster said, when i do go and buy new from the I'll be sure to ask for one with plastic on it just to ensure it hasnt been out for a ride on the town.

  5. If I bought a used piece from LV, I would mind, however buying a used piece otherwise isn't a big deal for me and I like saving money in that way!
  6. I don't want a bag someone has returned because the price is the same as brand new. I'd feel differently if the price was reduced because of it, but my preference is still brand new, unless I am specifically looking for something that is vintage.
  7. as long as I can't tell that it has been used, it is A-OK with me!
  8. IMO - It's my $$$ and I'll return if I want to:yes: and as Addy indicated, SAs carefully inspect the item to ensure that it is in pristine condition; therefore, I suppose I would not mind purchasing a 'second-hand.'
  9. In my opinion, If I'm buying from a boutique, I want a brand-new flawless bag.
  10. just to add - this topic is not directed at anyone. I too would return a bag after using it but I myself see from a buyers point of view that I would want a never used bag when buying Louis Vuitton for my $$$$
  11. I would mine very much buying full price something that has been used, whether it looks pristine or not. I think if you've used it, unless it's defective, I wouldn't return it. As much as we pay for LV, I really wouldn't want to pay $1,000.00 for a bag that someone used for two weeks and decided they didn't like.

    I always cringe a little when I see posts about returning a used bag - because I worry about who's going to end up with it thinking they were getting a new bag.
  12. but even in the forum, we see how often people change their minds about bags! also, people are paying premium $$ on bags that sometimes they have buyers remorse, or find out that the bag is not their style after taking it home and trying it for a few days.

    also, I'm sure the returns they get aren't ones that are "damaged" or something wrong with them..because reselling those items would not be right.

    I mean, what if someone returned a mono mizi right before you walked in and it was one of your tdf bags?! does that mean you would not buy it just because it was returned?!?!
    (btw, i"m just using the mizi as an example but you can pick any bag that is hard to find and on your wish list)
  13. I mean isn't a returned bag better than returned shoes? People put their stanky sweaty feet into those and the SAs don't scrutinize those as much!
  14. Same here :yes:
    I always inspect everything I buy carefully before actually buying as long as there are no signs of wear, I don't really care.
  15. I sure has heck would NEVER want returned shoes! UGH! I can see if you wore a bag around the house for a few minutes and just didn't like it (that happened to me - same day return, within about two hours) - or the size was wrong and you wanted a different one or something. But using it for a week or two and then someone else pays full price thinking it's new - that's just not right. Especially if someone is a smoker or has animals.

    I just think if you've used a bag, it would be kinder to resell on eBay - than to return a bag where someone might spend over $1,000.00 for a very expensive luxury bag thinking it was new. If I'm buying pre-loved or used, I would want a break on the price. For those, I buy on E-bay. I do expect a Boutique bag to be brand new. That's why I pay full price for those, if that makes sense.