People paying more on Ebay than Instore

  1. This absoloutly amazes me. People are willing to pay extra for a used bag on ebay even though they can still get the exact same bag in store.Like ages ago I sold a keepall on ebay and I got more for it than shop price and it was used...I was like :wtf: :wtf: . Is it because the people do not live near LV ?
  2. Could be that person doesn't really know the retail price or prefer patina bag.
  3. i think many people do not know real prices.
  4. some other countries sell it for a lot more in stores? some states have extremely high taxeS? lol besides that i can't really think of anything

  5. I really think that is the case. When I first got my Speedy alot of people I worked with thought it cost some $1200. :Push:
  6. For some people, these inflated "retail" prices are still cheaper than their own domestic prices simply because of their location.
  7. yeah i know..its really weird
  8. a lot of people don't know the actual value of the bag, they don't realize they can buy on Elux, they don't live near a boutique, or they're getting caught up in the moment of bidding.
  9. I've noticed this as well. Actually, I've seen a lot of people bid on items where getting a used one isn't even worth it because a brand new one is within the same price range (they probably save $50-$100). I think the worst is when I see fakes reaching high prices; whether or not the bidders know that the bag is fake, they probably could've gotten the real thing if they saved a tad bit more.
  10. I haven't seen an auction where the item was readily available at the store and it was going less than retail, any links? Usually, on Ebay I see a lot of "low balling".
  11. Yup. Back when I sold my Speedy there were many going for nearly retail and some right at retail.

    I personally think som people get caught up in the bidding process and get emotionally attached.

    that's my theory:smile:
  12. I think it depend of the location of the buyer.
  13. do you still have the link to your auction socialite??
  14. I think a lot of people just don't know the real price. Also, some sellers like to INFLATE the retail price of the bag. I've seen more than one occasion where seller will say things like how the LV Multicolore Speedy is limited edition, how there's a year-long waiting list for them or how they're no longer available. Then they go on saying how it retails for $2000. And ppl fall for that ...
  15. I'm afraid to think how much I'll have to pay for a Miroir speedy on ebay next year!