People on Ebay who are fools

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  1. Okay, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be offensive because there's A WHOLE LOT I don't know about regarding handbags.

    But I always do my research.

    While I was selling my Novacheck Tote, another seller was selling the exact same tote, by the exact same dimensions in the exact same new-ish condition. However, in my auction I listed the correct retail price: $290.00. The other seller stated that his bag cost $475.00 retail.... and the final bid went up to $400! For a bag that cost $290!

    Man, I wish I still had the link. It was totally ridiculous! Plus, the photo of the bag was stolen straight from a website!

    Anyway, it never fails to stun me that (a) sellers are so dishonest (b) people don't research. I mean, all you have to do is go to to look up the price of a Burberry tote.

    Rant over. Thanks for listening. :Push:
  2. Seriously. I don't know that much about bags but even I know to do my research. Especially when buying designer 1) To know how much I should spend vs how much I'd be willing to spend for that item, 2) To check if it's fake or not and 3) Because it just makes sense to do your research. But you're right people are fools and as they say a fool and her money are soon parted.
  3. I have noticed that as well, and also notice that usually the winner finds out the real price after the fact and that bag will be re-listed pretty quick....
  4. I hear ya'. Just recently I was scoping out a pair of shoes and the seller noted the shoes retailed for $500 and were sold out. I did a little online surfing and found the regular retail is $290, not sold out and actually still available for sale on some sites for $149-$189, lol. Thank goodness for google search!
  5. While I whole-heartedly agree that "dishonest" listing (whether through plain ignorance, or intent) is nothing short of criminal (let alone just careless) - any item (from a purse to a house) ultimately has a value of whatever someone is willing to pay for it - RRP's can be misleading, as they do differ from country to country & a long standing product (eg Russell & Bromley "Chester" loafers, still current season, been stocked by the shop for about 20 years !) may have an RRP of £155.00 now, but if they're a 5 year old pair the RRP would properly be around £125.00 !!.
    I find it best to give a totally honest account of what you're selling (where it came from, how long you've had it, bought from new / second hand / Ebay etc, any & all defects , how much/little use item has had) .. put a bid start price on, then let your buyers decided how high they're prepared to go.
    (I actually stopped one of my sales once, as it looked like a "bidding war" was going to take the item over a price I'd feel comfortable accepting it for it..) xH
  6. I am in the process of selling a bag on Ebay and have noticed that the fake ones seem to go for much more than mine. I really struggle to sell and SO thinks I put too much info in my listing. I would much prefer to fully describe my bag and go through all the T's&C;s Ebay requires than get stuck with a SNAD claim...

    It is frustrating because I refuse to lie and say I dont know how old my bag is..maybe I am just basing people on me who purposely hunt down "oldies" so the year is important to me...

  7. Nothing surprises me including your comment that fake ones go for more

    that the real ones... I just find that interesting..

    You should do what you feel is right.. the right buyer does come along..:smile:
  8. Well someone did put a bid in and won so I am hoping things go smoothly. It is ludicrous that the fake ones go for more but I am unwilling to jeopardise even a small amount of money and let some unscrupulous buyer get away with being an a**e.
  9. Oh, the fools are not just on ebay. They are everywhere! We are swamped, LOL!
  10. I'm sure the sellers with fake bags are guilty of shill bidding.
  11. Wow, how did this 6-year-old thread get resurrected?
  12. Wow I just notice it.
  13. Why do new or low post members always bring up old threads???
  14. Sorry...
  15. So, if someone who is new can't start their own thread, or if they can finally start their own thread, and are told to use the search feature as this topic has been discussed numerous times- or they contribute to an old thread - which is it? To me everybody was a new member at one point or another, and in this world, we are faced with "newness" regularly... i learn something new every day.