People on Ebay make me mad!! :(

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  1. Has this ever happened to you?:

    You sell something on Ebay, and the person pays w/ PayPal. The next day, PayPal e-mails you and says they have to "hold" your new funds temporarily because they think the funds are unauthorized. So now they have to investigate on the person who sent them.

    ...They think the funds I received are they took my money away for now :sad2: ...I hope I get it back, because I have been trying to sell my Sky Blue Balenciaga First for so long!!! :cry: I finally sell it for $800...then PayPal takes my money away!! RRR!

    I did everything that PayPal told me to do, like e-mail them information about the sale and etc....but I just don't know how this process works, or how LONG it will take!

    Do any of you ladies know about this stuff? I would really like some help and support!! :shame: :love:
  2. AH! Well, I've never been in that situation, but that's exactly why I've kept away from eBay/PayPal :[

    Hope everything works out for you and soon!
  3. You think thats bad?? today i missed a phone call from paypal so they put this limit on my account where i cannot send or recieve money!
    they require me to give them tracking # for all the items i've sold ( which i don't have anymore since my customers have recieved there items and have left me POSITIVE feedback!) and i don't keep tracking numbers on file.
    then they wanted me to give them my suppliers name and reciepts of where i get the stuff that i sell.... just one problem.
    Everything is from my closet!!! i don't have reciepts!
    i don't know when this will end i hate paypal right now!!! they better fix it soon. its so frustrating when you're 100% legit, and this crap happens to you.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. Moe - That sounds awfully suspicious that Paypal would ask all that info from you! It could have been almost like a phishing email but a phone call instead. PLEASE make sure you contact PayPal directly on your own before you respond this!!! Good luck!
  5. Again, I fear this might be a phishing scam type email. Did they really take the money from your account already? Go to the Paypal site directly (dont' click on any links in the email!) and check. I would also try to talk to them on the phone about the situation and make sure you don't call any number in that original email that said it would hold funds.

    I haven't had this situation but I have certainly gotten a ton of these kind of emails that I automatically forward to

    Sorry to hear this! :evil:
  6. yea that is very weird...I don't think they would do that...but then again who knows!! :sad2: I'm so sorry that happened to you Moe!!! As long as they don't ask you for your password or very personal stuff, it might really be them.
  7. Yes, PayPal actually did take my funds away, I checked online! It shows some transaction saying they are being "held temporarily." :mad: :cry:
  8. Purseslave, it's totally distressing to hear this! I hope they will be able to put in back in your account asap!! What kind of feedback did your buyer have?
  9. All positive feedback, so I don't understand why PayPal would all of a sudden think the funds were unauthorized!

    Now I have to wait until I can buy my new LV. :sad:
  10. How horrible! This hasn't happened to me -- makes me want to stay away from selling on ebay!
  11. That's awful! And annoying - I've just put 2 items on -ebay (to make money due to more purse purchases since being here LOL!) for the first time and I'm worried -- I used to sell at a consignment shop in Boston and I'm not sure e-bay is my best bet! I hope it all works out for you....good luck and keep us posted
  12. My friend had the same problem with PayPal and now I refuse to use them. The reason that happens with the funds is either they used a credit card they were not suppose to and it was reported stolen or the person who paid is saying they did not authorize the transaction. I hate payapl and will never ever use them again.
  13. Check this site out: aka

    Paypal can be a nightmare for sellers. Neither ebay or Paypal care.
    -Hope this gets resolved quickly for you!
    At least you haven't sent the bag.
  14. Purseslave, the exact same thing happened to me!!! My total was for $4610 for 3 handbags, but it was just through PayPal,not eBay as well. (Don't know if that matters, eBay owns PayPal). This is happening a lot! I know 2 other people that this happened to by the same person, total of $12,000+, they now have FREE authentic designer handbags. PayPal will do nothing, the credit card company is awarding the person who's cc was stolen their money back, the criminals have their free bags, and we get nothing!!! The FBI and Secret Service have my case and PayPal will not let me know which credit card co. was used. After 30 days, the cc co. took the money from PayPal, now PayPal is applealing which takes 75 days. I am not hopeful though, all the horror stories on those websites.

    I just can't believe that these crimes are going on everyday on eBay and PayPal and nothing is being done for those affected. I only used PayPal because I thought I would be protected and that there were stringent security measures to ensure this can not happen. So, because PayPals system can be used by criminals with stolen cc and idenities to receive FREE expensive items and there is no recourse is CRAZY!!

    I will PM you with my details to see if they match your details. I will probably take PayPal to small claims court at the end of the 75 days if my money isn't refunded. If the FBI and the SS are not going to investigate the criminals, that is all that can be done I guess. If you or anyone has anymore ideas, let me know. I am cooresponding with another girl that was defrauded out of $6850 from this guy and any help is appreciated.

    Part of me wants to fight this until I win, but the other part just wants to put this in God's hands and 'give it up' to Him and consider myself lucky. It is only money, I don't know how dangerous these criminals could be or how organized this is. It ($) is probably going to fund much more serious crimes like terrorism.

    So needless to say, I will not use PayPal now, which sucks because so many buyers only want to pay with PayPal. I had to learn the hard way how it is NOT safe or secure. These criminals know the PayPal will work in their favor and all the little loopholes. They also know what to look for with authentic designer handbags, they are not buying fakes and doing this. They are very smart and very detailed.
  15. In britain there has been a big investigation into paypal and ebay on one of our BBC consumer shows called " watchdog " where they identified LOTS of problems with paypal exactly like this.