People offering trades on ebay??


Jan 22, 2007
Los Angeles
Have you had this happen before? I am selling an Emerald Rebecca Minkoff MAM on ebay and I had a prospective buyer ask for a trade. I just thought it was interesting.. has this ever happened to you? How could the person even be sure you would send your end and vice versa?

I've never had anyone ask for one before. I couldn't say yes, even if i wanted to, since the bag is paying off a bill for buying other bags.. but I was surprised to see the offer.
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Nov 20, 2007
Enter a trade at your own risk. There is no way of knowing if the other party has shipped the bag, ebay and Paypal will not cover you. Plus you end up paying listing and final value fees.

It's already risky trading on ebay with all the fake bag swapping going on, I can't imagine what risks you'll face with a barter trade.


Oct 26, 2006
Yes, two people have offered to trade in the past. I wasn't afraid. I just felt they were genuinely into bags like I am. However, I wouldn't do it due to no protection from ebay if I did.