People of the World . . . Spice Up Your Life!!!

  1. Sorry, I bought the Spice Girls cd after work today and I'm excited!

    (Canadian Spice fans, you can get the cd at HMV!)

    When I walked into the store, Too Much was playing over the loudspeaker, and both the girl who rang me up and I were singing along.

    Then we started gushing about how excited we were that they were all back together and that all was right with the world!
  2. Is it any good? I never had their old cd's but always found their songs catchy.

    So how is it?
  3. I love it! I'm uploading it into my ipod right now.

    I'm going to listen to the entire thing at work tomorrow.
  4. Voodoo (one of their new ones) is cute.
  5. Can't wait!! They're one of my guilty pleasures (along with the BSB) LOL. I'm probably going to borrow it from this friend of mine who's a bigger fan, though.
    Glad to hear it's good!
  6. I love how happy their music is.....can't wait for the tour!
  7. I used to love the Spice girls, I have the dolls and even went to their concert! I need that cd, thanks for the heads up!
  8. ^ omg the barbie dolls! i forgot all about those!!!

    I saw the CD in Victoria's Secret (for US folks) over the weekend and now I'm kicking myself for not picking it up. I like how they revamped the original CD cover and didnt change it!
  9. Ahhh, this reminds me I still need to buy the album!

    I'll be at their Vegas concert on Dec 9...which is less than a month away :nuts: I'm so excited!
  10. i got their album too! I think its great hearing all their classics.
    How do you like the new song "headlines"?
    I think it's pretty good, but definately not as good as the old songs.
    Im hoping to get tickets for their sydney concert in Jan. Cant wait!
  11. I am hoping someone bought me this for my birthday....otherwise I'll be buying it Monday!!!
    My tickets for the Chicago show just came in the mail this week...I am still in shock that I am going to be seeing them live!!!!
  12. I love the Spice Girls!!! I grew up in London, and their songs just make me feel so young (like middle school young) and happy. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. I'm going to see them Feb 3rd!! so excited!
  14. I bought Spice World on DVD today.

    Hehe . . . I was listening to the Spice Girls, and part of me started thinking: If a bunch of us TPFers got together and we were singing Spice Girls karaoke, I would hate to imagine the discussion over who would get to sing Victoria's part.

    . . . . I would imagine we'd take turns.

    Actually, I'd be out of the running, as I would rather sing Mel C's part.
  15. i'm really disappointed they are only doing 2 venues in the UK I want to go :crybaby: