People Make me laugh!! They thought My CC Bag was My

  1. I was at the mall today with my DH and I had on my Reissue bag in Black...ANYWAY some lady stopped me and said "I been looking at your bag for the last 5 minutes (I was in a shoe store at this point ) and she said HOW OLD IS IT??? I said it is BRAND NEW..She said REALLY ....With all those wrinkles I thought mabe it was your moms or grandmothers bag it looks really old :cry: DA!!!! I then OF COURSE say This is a VERY Expense bag and VERY hard to get....She then said do you mind if I ask how much LOL....MIND YOU DH was standing right there and he REALLY has no idea what it cost..He knows that they are not cheap..LOL..
    I said:censor: it I will tell her how I said 2100 plus tax:amazed: HER FACE DROPPED and this :censor: said to me "YOU MUST BE GOOD" and smiled....WTF....SO DH said SHE IS THE BEST and we left the store:roflmfao:

    But can you imagine some people...I could not believe she said that to me and DH could not resist saying what he said because he saw I was pissed...

    and by the way HE NEVER bought up the price I spend on the bag:biggrin: :heart:

    thought I would share
  2. Some people are so rude. That was very sweet that your DH had your back on that one!
  3. Yay for your DH! I just can't believe how rude some people can be:rant: .
  4. What a good DH!!! I could only HOPE my PHH would respond the same way!!LOL!
  5. wow, that's really rude!!!
  6. Wow, how rude of her :rant: Good for your DH for saying that :amuse:
  7. Some people are really rude! Who asks questions like that?!? I just had an idiot ask me "So what are the holes for?" about my LV Perf. Speedy.
  8. dh?
  9. No she didn't - how rude
  10. OMG that is too funny...
    You should have said It has holes so my RAT can breath ...He likes to go shopping with me :roflmfao:

    and yes my DH was so good about it,,Only because he saw my face and he knew I was ready to go off on her but I held back...I guess SOME people just don't understand OUR addiction:graucho: :graucho: or Fashion:biggrin:
  11. People like her should NEVER go out in public!
  12. dear husband
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: u r so right ..
  14. whoa. shes so damn rude. i think the lady has not been in touch with fashion in a million years. but vipstyle, your story makes me laugh though. the part abt what your dh said was so cute!!
  15. Wow, some people shouldn't be allowed to speak in public. How rude! Your hubby sounds like a sweetheart, I'm glad he stood up for you. :o)