PEOPLE magazine

  1. Who knows where i can get a good deal on a subscription to People Magazine? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
  2. What is your idea of a great deal?
    Its around 179 for a subscription through people.......have your tried eBay?
  3. i didnt know you can get subscriptions on eBay! ill take a look- THANKS
  4. Over the past year, I have purchased many magazine subscriptions on ebay for myself as well as friends and family. I have yet to have a problem and what's great is the prices are sooo low!!:tup: Just pick a seller with great feedback and preferably high sales numbers.
  5. Me too! I've never had a problem with magazine subscriptions from ebay. I once got a 3 year subscription to Allure for $6! Magazines make their money from advertisers, so if they can show advertisers that they have x-number of subscribers locked in for x-number of years, they can charge advertisers more. That's why the prices can be very low...:yes:
  6. Have you checked the magazine itself? I got a three year subscribtion to SHAPE magazine ($14.97) using one of the little paper thingy that comes inside the magazine, YKWIM??
  7. I'll have to check on eBay too ... People is ridiculously expensive, I just signed up for 3 years and it seriously was almost $300 ... I don't know what I was thinking! I must be crazy!
  8. I have bought some magazine subscriptions through ebay. I have a few that were no problem and a few that were fly by night sellers and I had to go thru paypal for a refund. If you can get a good deal with the publisher itself that is the safest way to go. I have a subscription to InStyle and when it comes due I call the publishers 800 number and negotiate. I have around 20 different subscriptions and they can add up.
  9. wow...didnt even know u can subscribe to magazines on ebay.
  10. Can anyone recommend a magazine seller? I bought an OK subscription last year, but the seller ended up not being a registered user for much longer, so I'm a little nervous.
  11. It's time for me to get my subscription renewed and I was hoping one of you might be able to recommend an ebay seller or place that has a deal. It's so pricey that I would love to save a little $$.
  12. I would like to know some good Ebay sellers as well!
  13. me too - can someone PM me the sellers? plzzzzz
  14. The cheapest price I've ever seen for People is at I order for my office from there. It's $39.95 for 40 issues, so basically a dollar an issue. I can't find it anywhere else for less. I've never tried ebay though!