People live such a lonely life

  1. Can you imagine being dead for one whole year and nobody knowing? I read this on the news today and felt very sad.

    Body found in home a year after death - Yahoo! News

    I cannot imagine living such a solitary life that no-one would mourn your passing. But so many news articles show how solitary people have become.
  2. Wow, that's sad. =(
  3. It's so sad everytime things like this happen.. It just makes you think, a person was here, and then the person is no more, with no one to mourn or anything. It's so sad :sad:
  4. Wow!! What a sad world we live in!
  5. This story really made me cry...but I can understand how it is possible. If he had no children and all of his siblings had already passed away - there is really no one to "check on" him, unless he had friends.

  6. ^^ He had neighbors...See, I disagree because I think people are so selfish or 'busy' these days that no one really cares anymore..This just shows how sad it is that people don't care or are not concerned about others. I live in N. Scottsdale, which is a really super snotty place (which is why i am moving), and the people here that i have encountered are just rude and un-caring for those around them. Sorry if U live in N. scottsdale, but maybe we haven't met. I am talking about the ones I have met. I have never lived in a more un-friendlier place and refuse to raise my kids here.
    People need to start caring. His neighbors even said they thought maybe he was in a nursing home. They said the TV was still on. No one found that odd?? It is so dang sad. Bottom line, people need to start giving a rats tail about others and not just themselves. This is such a huge issue with me. So, if you are where i said and I offended you, I am really sorry, but it has been my experience here. signed, Snobbsdale, AZ
  7. This story is very sad. Old age scares me. By that I mean when you can no longer take care of yourself and have all your faculties. It scares me to think how lonely it would be if/when my family, spouse, friends have passed and I were all alone in the world. I think it would take the will to live away from a person.

    I agree w/ u BeBe we should show more concern for others. I know even in the community we live in we dont really socialize w/ the neighbors eventhough we tried to be friendly.

    I hope this man rests in peace.
  8. This makes no sense to me. A year? Who maintained the home -- where did the mail go, who mowed the lawn, shoveled the snow? How clueless can people be? Sheesh.
  9. I wondered the same thing, who was paying his bills and stuff.
    Anyway, still sad that no one noticed for a year.
  10. Oh my goodness, I read this in the paper this morning. How awful, no one who cares for you just enough to know when you have been gone for a year.
  11. Neighbors said they had thought Ricardo was in a hospital or nursing home.
    "We never thought to check on him," said neighbor Diane Devon.

    This angers me so much! Hopefully he died peacefully. But it is so sad that no one checked on him... for a year. =/
  12. That's so sad. I feel bad for that poor guy, no one even realized that he was dead :sad: I'm very surprised that no one even thought to check on him. If i didn't see my older neighbors for a while, i would do the courtesy of at least a phone call. It's shocking that these people didn't.
  13. So sad! My mom lives alone and something like this is the biggest fear of hers. I have to have a voice contact with her at least once a day. She is afraid that she'll be found dead after several days. It's so sad that he had nobody to check on his wellbeing for over a year!:sad: :crybaby:
  14. Oh my :'( so sad......
  15. I don't get it. The TV was on...who paid the electric bils?