People in Ny-help!

  1. My friend Will is going to New York next month, and has agreed to bring me something LV. I know there´s Macy´s and Bloomingdales among the Louis Vuitton stores that carry LV, so my question is, which is the cheapest, or are there any price differences at all? I know there´s no sale but just checking if the prices differ amongst departmentstores and LV shops.
    And also, I really want something of the Vernis-line. Elux only has the keyholders and agendas in really neutral colors so I was wondering are there any different colors usually in the shops? I would love a red or framboise agenda for example.
  2. the prices are the same everywhere
  3. Ok so it doesn´t matter where he goes, thanks! Can anyone help with the color question?
  4. i think the red's been discontinued, but the framboise is still in existence. you can call the 866 and ask them to locate one for you
  5. The red was discontinued but there might still be a couple pieces around. It will probably be hard to find though (it'll require some calling around first) so it'll be easier to find one in the framboise. You might try calling the stores where your friend is going to see if they have any pieces in framboise so you'll know if they have them there or not.
  6. Yes, definitely call both 866 and the stores. Sometimes they will tell you different things :rant: so keep your bases covered!