People from Holland or Belgium?

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  1. Hello,

    Are the names of the bags the same names in Dutch?

    I would like to buy this bag, i believe it is called the GST and PST? Does anyone know what the name is in Dutch and the price? I do have the classic lambskin bag and this is called the same in Dutch.

    I also would like to know the name of the bag in this picture in English and/or dutch.

    I hope that there is someone who can help me.


  2. Oke, i just called with the Chanel store and i already have my answer. ;)

    But i still would like to know if there are people from Holland and/or Belgium. Maybe we can help each other with other things. I read that that are sales in the US, do we have sales in Europe?
  3. hey there...

    i`m not exactly from holland or belgium, but from europe as well and yes, we do have chanel sale here in the old world ;o)
  4. ^ i don't think the bag is the PST/GST. although i'm not sure what the name of it is. perhaps someone could help you out.

    i bought my reissue from the chanel in amsterdam but the SAs there didn't call it the reissue, she just called it a flap with a different lock. i conversed with her in english though, so i'm not sure if perhaps there is a more specific term/name for it in dutch.
  5. I'm sorry, i didn't write it well, I wanted to know the full name of the GST and PST and the name of the bag in the picture. I already called with the Chanel store and they have the GST. I still don't know what the GST and PST stands for. Maybe someone can tell me?
    And what's SA? Shopassistant? Sorry, i'm new here.....

    But thanks for helping!
  6. GST=grand shopping tote
    PST=petite shopping tote
  7. oke, thanks! :biggrin:
  8. WOW, They have a black GST in Amsterdam. Will they ship to the UK? Did you ask the price? Thanks
  9. I have no idea if they ship to the UK. They only had the GST in Beige, but they did exchange with Monaco. The price is 1520 euro. Is the GST not availabe in the UK?
  10. Wow, The GST in Paris is 1320 euro. What a price difference. Sadly GST sold out nationwide in the UK at the moment. I guess I'll have to wait for more to come in. AAAHHHH
  11. Really 1320 euro? I just read somewhere else that a GST in the US is 1895 dollar. Also cheaper and she told me that the price for a GST and PST are the same, both 1520 euro. Tomorrow i'm gonna ask why there is such a price difference, maybe she can tell me. Well could luck and i hope you will find your GST!
  12. I'm from Holland, and have to admit that prices here are crazy! I don't think retailprices of Chanel differ much from US or HK [And that goes with everything!]. Kinda weird, since Holland is located in EU... :s

    Maybe an idea to go to Paris? You can easily take the train [Thalys] :P
  13. Yesterday i was at the store, but i heard it wrong, the price for a GST is 1320 euro, for a PST around 895 euro, but i'm not sure. I was only looking at GST ;) But still it's cheaper in the US. Unfortunetly my bag hasn't arrived yet. I hope that i will have it next week.
  14. Hello,
    from another chanel obsessed dutch girl!:smile:
    I haven't been to the chanel boutique in Amsterdam yet. I don't know why...strange but true!
    How is the collection?? Cambons? Luxe ligne Bowler maybe?? The prices are similar to Paris!
    I think that if you have like a picture with you of the bag, they can help you easily without the different names of the bag:smile:
    Let us knwo, if you find out anything else!
  15. Hi ladies,
    Another girl frm Holland ;)...
    In feb 07 I bought the large cambon reporter w/b here in amsterdam. At that time they only have the small or medium model in b/b. So had had to order it frm another boutique.. Luckily they could ship one frm Paris.

    Another thing about their service.... I asked two sas what kind of care my lambskin bag needs. The guy (he was pretty arrogant though, coz he did not expected me to purchase one) answered: you could use some leatherspray. And when I went to the counter and asked his female collaegue, (she was much more nicer :smile:) she answered me that I should not do anything at all. Except taking good care of the purse..

    Not really professional...

    Ow and does somebody knows if Chanel also call/mail their customers for sales at their boutique? I am a regitered customer but have not heard anything yet?

    Still wondering :rolleyes:
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