people exchanging USED LVs.. and we end up buying a USED bag???

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  1. hi all... just wondering if anyone knows what's LV's exchange policy like, as in after the exchange, is the exchanged-good put up immediately for sale? or is send to refurbish first?

    i'm asking this as today while browsing around and hunting for my hampstead, i noticed some monogram evas with different attributes, some has the sticker on the gold plate, some doesn't have... and for my hampstead.... one came with the cardboard on gold buckles... but dont have the blue sticker on the LV inventeur plate... the other has the blue protective sticker one but no cardboard...

    and beside me i saw a lady exchanging her bellevue for an alma... the bellevue was put back into the cupboard by the SA...

    i'll be heartbroken if my LV was a return good... what do u all think?
  2. I think I won't care if it is a returned good since it is in pristine condition of course
  3. I think you can only return if it's in a condition that can go back on the shelf for sale.
    I don't worry about it too much, you still need inspect the bag but who cares if the sticker isn't there, you peel it off anyways (I would and I hope you would, too!!)

    I look at it as it's a bag, it's meant to be used, if i can't handel the gentle use and tear and wear then I can't really afford that bag!! (emotionaly I mean)
  4. Some stores remove the stickers etc and some do not.
  5. I think they are suppose to remove the stickers before they package up the item. I know when I bought a bleu nuit cles last week, I bought the last 1 which was in the case and it had the sticker on but my SA removed it when he boxed it up.

    He has asked in the past if I wanted those types of things left on (cardboard on handles, etc) and it doesn't really matter either way to me! I told him to leave the wrappings on my Mon Mono Speedy but most of the time I don't have a preference!

    I always inspect my bags ( or my SA does) and I recommend that others do the same just to be safe!
  6. I think it happens all the time. The only thing you can really do is inspect it before you take it home.
  7. I ended up getting the orange graffiti speedy because the green ones that were located were verbally described as damaged. Why they would take them back in the first place is beyond me!
  8. Yes, I also have my problems with this issue, especially after reading so many posts here about returns, when people just bought something to see if it grows on them and then said nope, I'll better return. I suppose you can not do anything about it except to inspect the bag carefully.
  9. to be able to return or exchange it has to be unused and in sellable condition
  10. I can see the point, if I'm paying that much for a bag, I don't want something that sat in someone's closets with the tags on it for a month or two...

    Even if it still is "new", it's just not the same. It's probably just a psychological thing on my part :P
  11. Just ask for a bag from the reserve :smile: and not on shelf (ok, only valid in big LV shops)
  12. Im very picky on this issue also, esp with SLGs since they are constantly beign shown and handled by customers.
  13. Louis Vuitton Stores wont take back product that has been used even ever so slightly... I've seen them check every mm of the bag before taking a return or exchange.
  14. I check the bag. My fiance surprised me for my advanced bday gift. When I opened the box I got my Manhattan GM then the belt has a little scratch (it was a display) I called the store I told them about it. They let me return it no questions asked. CHECK the bag before leaving the store. u dont want to be paying for something that has scratch on it.
  15. I always ask for a new product from the warehouse if I am buying something, or ask them to order it in if they only have the display item. When they bring things to show me from the warehouse, it is still in the original boxes and packaging that they receive them in, just a plain cardboard box with all the tape on it so I know no one has touched it