People Don't Just Die

  1. It seems that authorities can't come up with a reason/cause for Daniel Smith's death. They have allegedly ruled out suicide, natural causes, foul play, heart disease and some rare disease. So if that is the case, what exactly did he die from. That list seems to have ruled out every possible cause of death. I get the feeling something is being swept under the rug for whatever reason. I just hope that Anna Nicole is able to continue holding on because I know that was her baby and I can only imagine her pain.:crybaby:
  2. They did say if it was a heart irregular irrithmia (Sp?) that would not show in the autopsy. I doubt its a coverup. Its not like he is Elvis or something. :P
  3. LMBO!! too true!
  4. It also appears that people do just die, undetermined is a classification of death:

    There are six categories of manner of death:
    1. natural: the death is a consequence of natural disease
    2. accidental: unintended and essentially unavoidable death, not by a natural, suicidal or homicidal manner [see below]
    3. suicidal: Death caused by self, with some degree of conscious intent. While Munchhausen syndrome deaths are caused by the deceased, society does convention...count these as suicidal. Society also does not count self-caused deaths due to calculated (sometimes even celebrating such deaths) or ignorant (alcohol binge drinking) recklessness , poor lifestyle habits, or known self-destructive habits...when the deceased unequivocally knew that he/she was putting his/her life in suicide.
    4. homicidal: death caused by another human [check out types & degrees]
    5. undetermined: not enough evidence, yet or ever, to choose the manner of death
    6. unclassified: too complex to classify; it either stays in that category or has to be clarified and declared in a court of law (rare).
  5. My guess is that he died due to a blood clot from being on the airplane... if he had heart problems he could've been on blood thinners or something like that... it took time for the clot to dislodge and travel to the heart... Something that is hard to find since the blood cooagulates after death.

    Just my theory, based on nothing but a hunch.:confused1:
  6. They did rule out blood clots...I read that yesterday. :sad:
  7. All that really matters, IMO, is that Anna Nicole knows the truth. We do not need to know. She needs much prayer and love to get through all this.
  8. Yes I don´t think it matters in any case what he died of, it´s none of our business.

  9. Undetermined just means they can't figure it out. But there is still a cause of death. As I said, people don't just die.

    As for the Elvis comment, Selena, I find it sad that you have to hold on to issues you may have with me from other threads. :rolleyes:

    As for whether or not it is any of our business, now that it has been brought to our attention, I would love to know what happened. What if he DID have some rare disease? His death could result in more research being done about it and perhaps helping other poeple. So sometimes, contrary to popular belief, knowing is not always about simply being nosy. Sometimes knowing can prevent future such occurrences.
  10. Oh I missed that report! Good to know, thanks!
  11. so the mystery continues to thicken..
  12. I just hate that the media has to claim foul play first! Like he was on drugs, when nobody even really knows how he died. Just leave them alone media. Poor kid. God Bless Nicole and Daniel's extended family.
  13. not to split hairs or anything but what about SIDS?
  14. This is so sad, I would want to know what my child has died of, I hope that she gets the answers.

  15. Bagnshoo the baby didn't die, her 20 year old son died. The baby girl is fine. So SIDS is out in this case.

    I also agree the media needs to leave her alone, that woman is going through enough, I can't imagine.