People copying your listing title!!

  1. So annoying! This is the first time this has happened to me and although it's not my ENTIRE listing and just the title (capitalization all the same and they took out the "BRAND" from "BRAND NEW") it's still pretty annoying.

    I sent them a message saying they did because everything else they titled in their other listings is in all caps while the listing title for the sunglasses is exactly the same as mine. I said and that I don't know if they copy and paste from other people's listings but "just to let you know people do take notice, as I did."

    So annoying! Now watch my listing get taken down for some reason. Just my luck that it would. And their starting price is exactly the same as mine! But I didn't say anything about that because that's up to them.

    SO annoying!
  2. I don't think there is an eBay rule against copying auction titles since the title is just a list of searchable keywords.
  3. Yeah... it's annoying, but a lot of items will have the same key words and sometimes it happens unintentionally (all though in your case it was clearly intentional).
  4. It's annoying, but there isn't a rule about copying listing titles. The seller may have wanted to make sure it came up in the search with yours. Who knows...
  5. As a seller I always look at the completed listings of the item that I am selling and see what worked for someone whom has had a really successful
    auction. I try and mimic their auction in the hopes that my item will go for a lot of money. It usually works. I do not copy word for word though, just try and capture the flavor of it so to speak.
  6. I once had someone copy my entire listing, every word. I reported it to eBay and they pulled the auction.
  7. Copying the body of an auction word for word is really tacky. I've had it done to me and, after I reported it, eBay pulled the auction.

    However, the title is only a few words and it is highly likely that titles for the same item will be similar. Even if copied exactly, it's only the title. I don't see it as a big deal. If they copied your entire auction....that's another whole story.
  8. I agree. You said it wasn't exactly the same and, IMO, there's only so many ways to describe something in the short space allotted.
  9. Yeah, this is a tough one to be honest. I always look at other people's titles to see what has worked also. You are allotted this small space and there are only so many ways to list something... I mean like I just listed a Bose sound system, well I am sure my listing may look like 4 or 5 others because unless I use a different adjective there is really only so much to say.