People can be seriously annoying.

  1. So there's this girl, and she hangs out with lots of my friends. She's very braggy, and she's now taking pictures for her myspace stating that this bag is real :


    Well, I told her in a nice way, that it was fake.
    Now she's telling everyone I'm lying and that my bags are really the fakers.
    Ahh! :tdown:

    Did LV ever make this model?
    I figured I'd run out and ask the people who KNOW about the bags.

    PS : Isnt that new denim XL to die for?! Has anyone seen that?! I saw one at my store last week, and I can't keep my mind off of it!!
    (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm adding a photo)
  2. eww eww eww eww! to both her and her bag! :tdown: I'm sorry to hear that...some people just have nothing better going for them.

    p.s. it looks like an MC Speedy but mono?
  3. Yes, it's a mono speedy with an MC shape.
  4. I actually just seen one listed on eBay and the listing stated it was rare but I do not believe LV ever made that style. Can anyone confirm? Let me try to find it again.
  5. I saw that, too.
    I've been researching this bag, and I really don't believe they made this style.
    I hope somebody can confirm this for me. :smile:
  6. OMG! that bag is so FAKE! just look at the shape!! LOL She is just jealous on you that you got the real deal! LoVe the denim XL!
  7. Well, unless that is a vintage bag...which it does not look like it at ALL, then it's fake.

    The very old vintage speedy's did have a lock like that on the side of the bag, I believe (I think it might have been the ones made by The French Co.).

    However, THAT one is fake.
  8. :graucho: I should ask her the date code.
  9. I am no expert at all but that has got to be fake. The handles are stitched on real speedies NOT glued lol and I haven't seen that style in mono in my travels but like i said no expert. That girl really must be insecure. She try's to down on you to make herself feel better. Unfortunately there are far too many people like her in this world. Ignore her she wants a reaction out of you. You know your bags are real.
  10. ^^Don't bother asking her about the date code, the vachetta in the 2nd pic is God-Awful!!!!! It's FAKE-O! LOL!!

  11. I know.
    I have to get all the proof I can.
    I'm going to print out this page just to show her I'm right.
    Hope you all dont mind. I can black out the usernames. =)
  12. Growing up my parents always taught me that the people with real money never have to brag or show it off. So the ones who do, don't really have all the money they say they have.

    Do something really *****y and invite her and all your guy's friends to a day of shopping and lunch... Then be like, oh my gosh guys... Let's go to Louis Vuitton. She'll be so embarassed with that fake ass bag. You'll win.