People are wacko - 'best offer' story

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  1. This isn't a question just wanted to share cuz it's kind of funny.

    So - I have something on ebay -- and a seller offered $200. Fair enough - I'm just not prepared to go that low right now (in no rush to sell) so I counteroffered at $249 and added message :

    "This is hard to find in this condition anymore - thanks for your offer =)"

    So then the seller sent me a message on ebay:
    " Just so you know. This color may be retired but
    this particular item is not that hard to find on
    ebay. I saw one go for $200 a couple of weeks ago
    and it was in amazing condition. Also, I do not
    pay above retail for a USED piece of LV even if
    the color is retired. I know someone will be dumb
    enough to. This is not a NEED for me just a want.
    I have a collection of over 20 Pochette Cles.
    Goodluck selling this piece especially for your
    BUY IT NOW price."

    WOw - crazy huh? -- So you don't accept my counteroffer - fine - move on. Why be rude?
    People are weird!
  2. I deal with BS like that on an almost constant daily basis with some items I'm selling. They think they're doing you a favour by offering you a lowball on an item. It's gotten so bad lately, I don't understand what people are thinking.
  3. Oh, and I looked at her past purchases and she bouhgt at least one fake -- I was going to tell her - but since she was rude she can just live with it.
  4. You should tell her! :nuts:
  5. I got a lowball offer from a buyer on bonz, that I counteroffered. They went up about $3 the next time, and again I counteroffered with the same amount, because that was my minimum price. It kept going on and on, increasing by $3 for the next 3-4 times, then it They never typed anything in response either.
  6. that's so rude...
  7. As tempting as it may to to engage with these loonies, either ignoring them altogether or a simple, curt "thanks for your interest" is as far as I would go here. People like this are sometimes capable of doing very weird and destructive stuff.
  8. You should have gone down $1.50 each time LOL
  9. I replied "Wow - you don't have to be rude. I am so glad I didn't accept your offer."

    Whicj I am - I don't want to work with someone so icky in the karma department ;)
  10. Yikes there are so many wacky buyers out there right now! :tdown:
  11. That's plain awful. :x

    I would've typed... "It's your loss that you missed out on the last LV item and not my problem."
  12. and added ..."enjoy your other fake LV" lol!
  13. Then it WOULD have gone on forever! I don't think there is a limit to how many counteroffers you can do on Bonz (unlike ebay?). :nuts:
  14. People are so ignorant and was way obivious they were they purchased a FAKE LV!

    I wouldn't even respond to people like that, not worth my time :sad:
  15. I will just ignore it, if it's me. Not worth my time.