People are so TACKY

  1. My Aunt has a Gucci bag that she carries everywhere and people are always asking her if it's real - :wtf:
    Why would you ask someone that? It's like asking a stranger how much they make or if their nose is real.
    Blows my Mind! :noggin:
  2. Yeah..people do that nowadays and it's annoying. I've had it happen to me before and I've seen it happen.
    Weirdly enough though, I think so many people must be used to seeing fakes all over that when they see an authentic one, they think it's fake.
    Sad, really, but I think people need to keep their rude questions to themselves. Another one I hate is when some stranger asks how much my bag cost.
    Here on this forum, if someone asks, I don't care because that's why we're discuss bags. But random people on the street? It just seems more nosy than anything.
  3. wow that's so rude
  4. if those people are strangers i would say they are rude. but if it's someone she knows, i think it's okay. they just see lot of fakes and maybe doesn't mean to be rude.
  5. the worst thing is if they ask you how much it cost

    and you reply £1000 or whatever

    and they go on to say 'how could you spend that much on a bag' etc

    that infuriates me
  6. that is really rude. It blows my mind how rude most people are about everything. Seems older people are ruder than the younger folks where I live.
  7. I live in a small town, and I've actually never been asked if my bag is real:o However, one did ask about my chanel sunglasses, and it was quite amusing, because first she asked how much they cost, and I answered the price that is equivalent to a little bit more than $400 in the local currency, and *then* she proceeds to ask if they were real... I just looked dumb at her...
  8. omgi know. this woman that i see at the bus stop asked how much i make. that is SOOO rude. people have NO class. unreal.
  9. A woman I work with made a comment about my Damier Alma being a really good knockoff. I had to laugh. I just told her that I sure HOPE it looks good -- since I got it at the LV boutique!!! :P
  10. People are more blatantly rude these days, not only do u get jealous looks but they actually go on to voice their unsolicited opinions!
  11. HAAAAA....I would have asked her how she knew it was a knockoff!!!!
  12. Ugh...IMHO, people asking if your bag is fake is something we all have to hear if we have well known bags. I live in a rather smallish town, so when I wear my speedy out, I constantly get remarks asking if it's real. It's so annoying, but I think it's what happens to people who have bags with the initals on them...LV, Gucci, Fendi...etc.
    It's SO infuriating!!:hysteric:
  13. My favorite was the time my friend and I were carrying our LV multicolore Almas..I have white, she has black.
    Anyway we were outside of one of my classes before it started and this lady comes up to us and asks how much we paid for our bags..and we go, " $1200."
    And she goes, "Man you got ripped OFF! I can get you a huge duffle bag for only $40!!"
    And we were like, "No that's ok..we don't buy fakes."
    The lady just got this funny look on her face and walked away because she didn't know what to say lol.
  14. LOL!! :lol: That was a good reply!

    I haven't been asked if my bag is real or fake... I don't really mind people asking, cos I know it's real.

    So far I've only got questions on the price of the bag.
  15. Lol..I've had people ask me where I got my LV multicolore wedges before.