People are so stupid

  1. OK, well not really stupid... but I find it crazy when I see a Toki auction with a starting bid and a BIN maybe $5, $10, $20 different. And then someone bids, so the BIN disappears... and then the bids go higher than the original BIN price!!!!!:cursing:

    acccckkk! It just drives me crazy:wtf:
  2. ughh.. tell me about it! i especially hate it when people have a BIN price that's through the roof! i mean, c'mon, really? there's this one bag i've actually been watching, and i've given my best offer which was about $25 lower than the BIN and the owner still wouldn't budge. and this person has actually put this bag on there like 3 times already lasting for 6 days!

    and now they changed the bag and title totally! can they do that?? a switch-a-roo on an auction??
  3. so true. can people really be that frugal with a few extra dollars to use the Buy-It-Now Option?
  4. FYI, that BIN on the auction i put an offer on was over $200. I mean, cmon, the bag itself didn't retail for that much, even after tax and if S&H were inlcuded. it's one thing if everyone was jumping on it, but nobody seemed interested in paying that much even after 3 weeks of having it on eBay...

    (sorry to rant, it was just my dream bag-print, placement and all- and knowing i couldn't get it for $200 got me upset)
  5. Let me guess - is it the Inferno Ciao for $215 that's been up for about 10 days now?
  6. As a seller, I have to confess that I'm always happy when the final price goes above the original BIN just because it completely sucks when the first bidder bids really low and causes the BIN to go away. eBay charges at least 0.25 per BIN, even if the 1st bidder ignores it and places a regular bid. I don't mind the expense if I have the advantage of the auction ending early and getting paid sooner, but it gripes me when the 1st bidder bids at the original price (not even a penny over) I think just to make the BIN go away. I've actually stopped using BIN unless I have a Fixed Price Auction because it was getting too expensive to have that keep happening.

    I think many times it's a matter of one bidder placing a bid and then latecomer bidders discovering the auction and perhaps not realizing the original BIN price was or starting a bidding war.

    There is definitely abuse of BIN by sellers offering astronomical BIN prices, but sometimes, it's just the seller trying to re-coup their original investment + a little extra to cover fees, etc.
  7. nope, this person usually prices their items way over $200.. even up to $400! and the sad part is, looking at the seller's feedback, people actually buy them. If i had the money i would've done the BIN too i guess. :hrmm:
  8. I think that's why I use reserve prices (even though some people hate them)... if you have a reserve price then you can still have BIN available up until the reserve price is hit. I'll offer the bag to the highest bidder if it ends w/ a reserve most likely but yeah it's just insurance that the BIN feature is available for a while :shrugs:
  9. True, I have used reserves a few times, but, again, evilBay charges an arm and a leg for reserve too. *lol* Can't win.:rolleyes: I've found offering a fixed price with best offer works best for me of late unless I have absolutely no idea what an item might sell for.
  10. I've never sold on eBay, so I don't know... what is the benefit of setting a reserve price instead of just starting your auction with the first bid at that price?:confused1:
  11. I've wondered that too. I don't really "get" the whole reserve thing, but I've never sold either. :confused1:
  12. the reserve just acts as a buffer I guess for most people. You start low and people can only win if they meet the reserve. So if you bid $50 and it's under the reserve then if the auction ends you don't win the item... that is unless the seller offers u a BIN

    I personally just use a reserve for the BIN feature mostly since you pay for the auction like the reserve is the starting price... ie I start something at .99 (normally $0.20) but I put a reserve of $9.99 (normally $0.40) and you'd pay the $0.40... for me reserves allow my BIN to last longer and I usually state my reserve in my listing ;)
  13. i have alot of stuff sitting in my closet that i've been wanting to sell, but it's not enough to have a garage sale, and i've thought about putting them on ebay but those fees are killer, and i don't want to jack up my prices just 'cuz of the fees.

    i guess that's what LJ is there for! at least for tokibags.
  14. i was thinking the samething. the inferno ciao. i tried how many times to offer a reasonable price but the seller declined. $215 is crazy for a ciao!
  15. I'm loving this thread! It is totally my pet peeve about ebay! My other one is when people buy something for way more than it costs and it isn't a hard to find item at all. Like yesterday, I saw someone pay $30 more for a toy that I saw on Amazon. And the seller fees, eek! I hate those jacked up fees!