people are so annoying on my forum

  1. Hey all, Im so annoyed. I help run a forum for a celebrity in England and some of the people on the forum are so annoying. We have another mod who locks every topic going and I really dont want to say anything but its so annoying. The girl who owns the forum is really nice but this other mod is :cursing:. He also keeps aregueing with members and tells them off frequently. Everytime I make an announcement post he regularly edits it to make it better but it ends up worst. OMG and some of the members are annoying too, there trying to pick a fight with the other mods. The celebrity often comes on to the forum and chats with us and I hate her seeing all the awful mod and members. I allways try to be nice with all the members and I allways am nice when I tell them off I usually say please and thanks. :s :shame:
  2. I just went back on the forum and this other mod has deleted all the threads where he argued with the member...I was like WTF and he deleted my new topic omg. This is so annoying...ive now contacted Admin about this other mod :sad:
  3. Sorry you are having to deal with this.:sad: (I guess you are spoiled by all the nice folks here on tPF.:graucho:) Hope things get better!:yes:

  4. Sorry to hear about your situation on the other forum as well. It sounds like that one mod is too controlling and needs to be de-modded. Hopefully the admin will step in and help resolve this issue. I'd be annoyed too.
  5. Who's the celebrity? :graucho:
  6. Perhaps you need to talk to an admin about that
  7. ^I agree, this isn't the place to complain about another Forum really. . . they could read it, it's a public website.
  8. Im sorry :sad: I just wanted someones opinions on what I should do or if the mods on here have delt with someone like this. Everyone is so nice on're right Iam spoilt. ;)
  9. we are all spoiled here-Megs & Vlad have welcomed us into their home, so to speak, and we are a lovely community! I have been on other forums and never stayed because of nonsensical chatter, links to porn, and plain *****iness. I lurked here for almost a month before I joined because it seemed too good to be true but I found out it is true. Good luck with the other forum-if you cant work things out perhaps you can create a new forum for this celebrity.
  10. Couldn't you start your own celebrity forum? That's what happened with me. A bunch of us didn't like the way the moderator of a group was handling things (she wasn't doing anything) so eight of us started our own, private group, with myself and another person as moderators and the other six as senior members. Now WE get to decide who gets to join and who doesn't.

    We have an application and everything. That sounds harsh, but our methods just make sure we don't have a group full of idiots again.