People Are Mean Thread

  1. After reading Bee...Bee's thread about her blahniks I just sat here and thought about all the crappy things people have done and said to me in the last couple of days. Complete strangers! I'm talking about just plain rude behavior that seems to be more and more prevalent everywhere in society. I've noticed that people drive their shopping carts in the grocery store, the way they drive their cars. Cutting others off, going really slow while taking up the whole isle, not moving over when they see you need to get by, etc. "Excuse me" seems to be like part of an ancient language. A simple smile is like pulling teeth! I don't know whats going on but I thank God for my friends and family (and my coworkers) that we can all laugh together about some of these things or I think I would just sink into depression and never leave my house.
    That said, I thought we could use a thread like this to rant about rude behavior.
  2. I hate people who don't stand in line but cut to the front and then act like "huh?" when confronted. I almost got into a physical fight (none since kindergarten) with someone extremely rude on a very bad day I was having. And I'm a slender girl and PhD candidate so usually I deal with such things by making a point of being friendly but firm. I was amazed at myself :smile: The other guy (tall and everything) realized I meant business and backed down. Hehe.
    I hate injustice of any kind.
  3. I was grocery shopping and I left my cart beside me while I was examining something on the shelf. A man came up with his cart and said "Excuse me." Without waiting to respond, he used his cart to shove mine out of the way.

    In the times of road rage and things like that, I can't confront people like that anymore. I don't honk at people and I don't call them out for rudeness.
  4. I was looking the other way in the grocery store and ran into an older man's cart (gently, not at top speed, I just tapped it). I looked up at him and with all sincerety and honesty said "Oh, I'm SO sorry!! I didn't mean to run into you! Excuse me!!"

    Now, the polite response would have been for him to smile and say "no problem." Instead, he SCOWLED at me, rolled his eyes, and acted like he wanted to say "Stupid women!!"

    So I looked him right in the eye and said "I take it back. I'm not sorry. In fact, I'm glad I ran into your cart and now I wish I had done it harder, you rude :censor: !!" Probably not my finest moment. :shame:

  5. I hate it when people butt up against my butt with their shopping carts behind me in line. For the LOVE OF GOD, give me a little space!

    And a little eye contact and speaking clearly is OK too. It drives me crazy when a cashier won't even look up and say 'hello' to me. I don't need a long chit chat (I'm in a hurry too!) but a simple hello and thank you (hey, I'm spending money here!) is appreciated.

    Lack of consideration in the grocery store aisles - yep I see it too where people think they own the whole effin' aisle :shrugs: .
  6. LOL! That I've never done, just thought *g*
  7. I HATE rude people at grocery stores!! :rant:

    I get so annoyed while driving, and say you doing something nice for someone like give them the right-away or whatnot and they can't seem to do the "wave" to say thank you! It is just a simple gesture to show your appreciation!!

    I also hate that when you are trying to pull out onto a street and there are two lanes but a car is driving on the right hand lane and does bother to move over to the left lane so you can pull out. I always try to do it for others!!

    I am sure some more will come to mind...:P
  8. Yes, yes, yes! I think people are mostly just really oblivious more than they are rude. But geeeeeez!
  9. 1. Lady calling me fat in a restaurant. We were eating (in some German restaurants it's customary to share a table with other parties) and I said something in English to my mom and the old lady asked me if I was from America, and I said "yes, why?" and she said something along the lines of "I can tell, all the people in America are fat like you". I ran to the bathroom and cried...:crybaby:

    2. A few days ago, a lady was on her cell phone in Edeka (a german grocery store) and she ran into my heel with her shopping cart. She didn't say sorry or anything, just totaly ignored me. :rant: I ended up standing there, waiting for her to get off of her phone so I could give her a piece of my mind. Once I was done - she just walked away with a red face. :censor:

    3. In the area that I live in, there are a lot of little "country" roads. Basically, only one car can fit on there - and when a second comes they both have to kind of drive 1/2 off of the road. Well, this one b:censor: (I don't like to use this word, but that's what she was) is zooming toward me, and doesn't even slow down and move over. She just honks and flashes her lights at me. Finally, I found a spot where I could totaly pull over and she zooms by honks and gives me the finger out of the window. She had her 3 children in the back of the car...NONE of them in seat belts (they were all leaning on the front passenger seats). Shows me the type of person she is..

    4. I just think people here in Germany tend to be rude anyway. From my experiences, they don't say "excuse me" when I'm in the way - they just stare at me and wait for me to move. THey don't say sorry if they run in to me, they just keep walking. They don't hold the door open a little if they see that I've got my hands full with a babystroller and shopping bags, they just let it shut on Nicole. :rant: URGH!!!
  10. I know what you mean bagnshoos - people can be downright mean! One time, I was at the drive-thru of Burger King getting food for my kids (I don't eat that crap). Naturally, as the cars on line moved up, so did I. At one point, I realized that my car was blocking another car from exiting. The woman started screaming irately. I apologized for the inconvenience, and told her that I would move up and be out of her way soon. From her car, she continued to yell and call me an idiot. I went on to say, that truly this wasn't such a big deal and she should try to calm down. She kept ranting and cursing. Finally, I had taken enough abuse. I yelled to her, "I may be stupid, but at least I'm not a fat lunatic that eats at Burger King! I'm buying this crap for my kids!" At that moment I was able to move up in line and she was left speechless with nothing left to do but speed off. For some reason (probably a character flaw), I am proud of that moment. She had it coming.:smile:

    BTW- I know my kids shouldn't eat BK but once in while I let them.
  11. I hate it when healthy people, sorry, but they are usually late teens or early 20's park their cars in the handicapped spots. I see this all the time at the bank ATM. Last time a 20 something guy in a huge raised truck pulled up and put his truck, stereo blasting, in the handicapped spot, so of course I said "is that spot for men with small pricks, or just for men acting like pricks"? Before he could figure out what all those big words meant I was gone. I will probably get shot someday cause I always say something when people are doing things like that.
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG Caanie! That is AWESOME!!

    I think the worst thing that's happened to me was when I was shoe shopping with my Mom at Dillards. They were having some sort of sale where they put out all their shoes in boxes.. my mom and I took like two boxes each and I was trying on a pair which kind of fit so I went to get another pair in the next size up to see if it would fit better or would be too big. When I came back like 2 secs later the SA had the boxes in his hand and was like, "Are you done with these? Bc I'm putting them back.. there's no need to make a mess." And he PUT THEM BACK without even waiting for my response!!

    So I was like :wtf: at first and then figured okay I won't say anything maybe he's having a bad day. So I keep walking around the shoe aisles trying to see if there's anything else I'd be interested in and he keeps his eyes trained on me and goes, "Can I help you with SOMETHING? ANYTHING? Or are you just wasting time?" and at this point I'm like :wtf:. I could not BELIEVE he was being that rude to me!! I just gave him an evil look and waited for my Mom to buy her shoes from this other SA before leaving. I refuse to buy shoes at Dillards now bc I'd rather die than give that jack$$ a commission. Gosh some people... :rant:
  13. Adding on to the list that others had mentioned...

    - People who drive in the left lane and are not even doing the speed limit.
    - People who tailgate: This will NOT make me drive faster and I will not get out of your way.
    - People who are rude to waitresses or people in the service industry.
    - People who explain things to me like I am a 4 year old. "You need to buy some prenatal pills....its a bottle that will say Prenatal on the front". Are you Fing serious?
    I am sure I will have more...

    Oh yes I almost forgot!
    - People who call me "kiddo" "sweetie" "cutie" "sunshine" or any other pet name. MY NAME IS LISA! Okay Sorry this just happened twice right now so I am a LITTLE peeved.

  14. THAT IS SO RUDE!! I just want to kick him. You should have complained to the manager. ugh.
  15. LOL that was good!

    I once yelled at these three b****es for banging on the plastic boxes they keep the spiders in at the Zoo. I hate spiders, but have some respect! anyways, I get all hot in the face and shakey afterwards. lol It takes alot of courage for me to yell.

    And don't even get me started on driving ettiquette UGH*