People always talk about "my SA"...

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  1. Do you guys get to know the people that go get a bag and ring you up or something? I'm not a big fan of "help" in deciding what I like so it just kinda confuses me because I just buy from whoever SA is around.

    Should I be developing a relationship or something? LOL :s
  2. When you develop a relationship with an SA, they can let you know about stuff before people who just walk in randomly and hold stuff for you that you may like. When you go into a lot, you're bound to see the same people. They are going to ask you about your day and how you're enjoying the last products that you bought.

    The "help" doesn't decide what I like, they know what I like.
  3. A good SA will initiate a relationship w/ you IMO.
    Trying to get to know you better so they can suggest products or let you know when things you may like arrive.
    Also, a lot of people go to the same boutique or store and tend to see the same SA{s} time and again and just naturally develop a rapport w/ them.
    Or one may get outstanding service from an SA and vow to try and buy only from them again.

    It happens pretty naturally I think.
  4. it's a natural process like swanky mama of three has said.

    some people just like to shop by themselves.

    some people can't shop w/o their friend's opinions.

    and some pple like asking the SAs

    i think that if it isn't for you, it isn't for you. and it goes both ways. some SAs are more interested in closing the sale *unfortunately* then being just friendly and letting the potiental sale be icing on the cake.
  5. My Mom and I usually have two SAs who help us. The first time Lily helped us, she went really out of her way to get us something that the store no longer had in stock. Ever since then, we go to her, and if she's not there, we go to our "other" SA. Also, whenever we are in the mall where our boutique is, we pop into to say hi. Or when I read about something here, I get the scoop from them.
  6. I love my SA. She's the best. I could spend hours in the store just talking to her. Whenever I need something she makes sure I get it. I love Coach's customer service. I won't shop anywhere else but with my SA.
  7. Coming from an SA, I have some very loyal customers who I know just shop with me and when i'm not there- they ask when I am to come in another time and shop. I love the feeling, it's weird but it's like a fanbase. I make sure whenever they come in I update them on new product lines (fragrance, spring etc) and things I know they'll forward too, I'll also hint if a PCE is coming so they can save up for it.

    One thing though is i'll go above and beyond to get someone a bag, last pce one of my favorite customers wanted the denim patchwork satchel and only one store in my district had one so they had to ring it in the store and I lost the sale but it didn't matter since she got the bag and I know she'll always come back to me.

    One other thing though, I enjoy spending time with brand new and old customers. Even if you're a first time customer and overhear me talking about PCE (which would be my mistake), I would invite you to join.
  8. Yeah I am more of a strait to the point I like to do it by myself girl. I don't really want to develp relationships when I'm shopping but that is just me I guess. I usually know what I want before I go in and I never want older out of stock items so I guess that is why I have no relationship. This is not against any sa personally, it is just my personality. I don't stay in the store that long because by the time I decide to buy I've already researched it at home LOL
  9. I had a friend who was working part time at coach who was my SA, and often let me use her employee alotments:P . Now that she no longer works their we both use her old manager as an SA to find out about new product lines - when they're coming out, and if we can get something held. Especially since we're not in a primary market. Most of the time we don't even see the special bags in person. And those are the ones I like!
  10. My BF has one. He got a thank you card from her and he loved how she wasn't pushy and helped him with his purchase. :yes: