Peony shoulder bag like the Peony tote

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  1. Location is Hong Kong, very questionable on authenticity.
  2. I didn't even see it was from hong kong. I just seen the pictures and was wondering if this was coming out with the new peony tote too. I like the shoulder bag better.
  3. Yeah, I don't see a store tag or a hangtag and the location would make me suspicious.
  4. I hope it does, Pink would be really cute!
  5. Where did I see that Coach was going to "re-release" the Limited Edition Peony bags, but with the Signature Stripe on top in the hot pink instead of the small magenta trim? Dang, I can't remember where I saw something about that....
    But this one looks fakey fake to me.
  6. They don't show the bag in that color, but there is a skinny listed so one could assume bags would be available in the gold (is that what it is?) color also.