1. HI,
    I promised to post photos of my Peony set when it arrived ... well they came today,
    The tote is the small and is so cute and I :heart: the Magenta patent wristlet and mini with it but not sure if I :heart: the wallet with this set but the wallet is adorable itself and I love that it has the same trim as the bag... WHAT DO YOU HONESTLY THINK, Keep the wallet or not???
  2. I'm not in love with the wallet, I'd just keep the bag, wristlet, and mini skinny. It's a great set though!
  3. oohh I love them.. they're totally so cute :tup::tup:
  4. The set looks amazing!
  5. See I LOVE the wallet. LOL.
  6. I can see how it could go either way, perfect matching set vs. a little much. However, the more I look at the photo the more sure I am that I love it! It really is pretty and so feminine, very springy!
  7. I think the whole set looks great! Personally, I'd keep the wallet. I'm not too into perfectly matchy-matchy stuff so I don't mind the wallet. Sorry, as an interior designer, I just like the fact that you've got enough similiar trim to tie everything together without every item looking exactly the same with same exact pattern, etc. Just my opinion. Good luck with your decision!
  8. The colors are so pretty. I want the magenta minny skinny so bad.
  9. Great set! I like the wallet with the tote. Think they look great together.
  10. You probably guessed my opinion, but I love it together! Keep it all!
  11. i LOVE the wallet!!! keep it!
  12. Love em' all!!!
  13. :drool: Ohh very pretty i LOVE the whole set, im jealous!!!
  14. I love the set!
    Keep the wallet, maybe you can get something in purple,, ohh I don't know,, maybe a scarf or a ponytail or a purple keychain, hehe. It's just me,, i love matchy-matchy :smile:
  15. love that set!! the colors are all so pretty! congrats!