Peony or Sorbet?

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  1. I finally sold and shipped my Sorbet...I haven't really missed it but now I am thinking I should get Peony in lieu of the lost Sorbet! I have Nuage 11 on my wishlist, and some sort of future taupe City too. I already have a lilac city with rh and anthracite with GSH. Is peony a must-have? Is it a beautiful pink that would replace sorbet well...or would you wait for a future pink?
  2. hi pursesnpeaches,

    I think peony and sorbet are very similar?
    how about the 2011 grenadine? that looks like a really delicious deep pink :smile:
  3. Oh no... you sold your Sorbet, I love SOrbet! If i didn't have a pink bbag ( Amethyst) already, I'd definitely get a Sorbet. It's such a beautiful pink, though Peony is so similar, but still love Sorbet.
  4. I also think Peony is very similar to Sorbet, less pop a bit richer/darker. I like peony more than Sorbet but if you just sold your Sorbet than maybe you should wait for a different shade of pink.
  5. hmm... pivoine just doesnt do for me... i prefer sorbet more than pivoine...
    maybe wait for a new shade of pink ?
  6. I am hoping grenadine will be a hit - it's on my list =)
  7. Between the two, I like Sorbet better. Peony looks "old" to me.
  8. I prefer the Sorbet as well, as the Pivoine looks "already-worn-a-lot" to me, too.

    Grenadine appears to be a much deeper shade - more like a pinky red, or a pale Pourpre, from what I can see on the swatches on this Forum.

    Regardless of what I've said, I think you should get the Pivoine - or any bag in any colour, really, only if YOU adore it, and not otherwise.
  9. I don't know about the newer pinks but I had 04 Rose for a short time and when I looked in the mirror, I thought it made my complexion glow when I wore it but then when I would see it lying around on the chair or looked down on it while I was wearing didn't do much for me. So just as an object to wasn't great for me.
    Then, I got a 2005 Bubblegum Pink which I couldn't imagine liking before I got it because I am not girlie. However every single time I look at it, I smile. I just love it as an object and as something to wear. That feeling about it endures.
    That is how I make a decision whether to keep a bag or not.
  10. ^^, yes I agree with maxx, love the bag you carry.

    By the way I love you with your Bubblegum Work, maxx: it suits you (and the Rouge Work is pretty stunning too).
  11. Just bought a sorbet day on ebay. did u sell it to me? 799?
  12. Pivoine doesn't do it for me too, I prefer Sorbet but since you sold it away maybe you should wait for a new pink.

  13. awwh thanks hon
    who knew bubblegum pink would work so well...I think part of it is that it is older and has faded just a bit...not as bright so better for me

    And the RT was an auction risk.... just so lucky it was never treated so has a richness and softness to it..hard to tell from the auction pictures what I was going to get. Top 3 favorite bags now.
  14. I just got email from SA.

    Dear Client,

    I'm excited to announce our up coming Limited Edition bag!!! There will be a Pivoine ( pink ) Giant gold hardware City available just for the U.S. boutiques beginning of November.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to be on a wait list or if you have any questions.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much for your time!

    Warm regards,

    Chiemi Christensen
    The Forum Shops at Caesars
    3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109