Peony or Barolo

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  1. Hi - I am interested in Peony and Barolo, but cannot seem to decide which one is better. Has anyone purchased any SLGs or handbags in these colors?
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  2. I was in a BV boutique yesterday, I saw Cervo in barolo online and wanted to see it IRL, they didn't have it in stock (yet), all other bags and slg in barolo seemed a bit dull to me, not as rich as looks cervo on the photo, that could be due to different leathers and saturation, but I def pass on barolo/nappa combo. Peony is beautiful, but IMO it's not as versatile as wine/barolo, good luck in deciding :smile:
  3. Thanks. I agree that Peony is not as versatile as Barolo.
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  4. I have an Olimpia in peony and ksuromax is right, it's not as versatile (at least for me). But it spends on what your wardrobe is it like. I am not normally drawn to pink or purple but fell in love with this color in this bag.

    I've seen Barolo but not in a bag that spoke to me. The bag/color combo must be right. This is a color I'm normally drawn to, but so far, nothing I have to have.

    They are such different colors.
  5. I saw the cervo hobo in Barolo at the boutique this past weekend. It is gorgeous! So soft! My first time touching BV deerskin leather. I'm a goner...

    I also saw the Bella (?), the bag with the handles that can be adjusted by pulling on them, in Barolo. That was pretty, but I think the cervo/Barolo combo is spectacular.
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  6. Welcome to the club! :lol:
    gosh, why did you tell me this??? i'll not sleep now, I NEED to see it.... and probably get it....
  7. A Cervo in Barolo would be absolutely heaven. It is on my list... :biggrin:
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  8. I preferred barolo
  9. I'm so sorry, ladies! I should have taken a picture! I tried it on. Holy wow! The Cervo hobo has the most amazing drape...
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  10. Really? I think Peony has more year round wearability than Barolo. It's a color that caught my eye for that reason.

    Where are you currently on the color decision? Also, what's in your collection currently? If you have deep rich colors, then I'm not sure how much Barolo will buy you? and finally, Griet's general advice: if you're undecided, perhaps it's better to pass on both. Neither is speaking to you strongly enough.
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  11. Agree, when one pays that amount of money that BV charges it gotta be a strong call, unconditional Love :heart:
  12. I have not made any decision yet. I am now thinking of light gray instead. Peony is pretty, but will get dirty. Barolo is more a winter color.