pens that are lv-bag safe? what do you use?

  1. i am so worried about pen ink spilling. i worry about ink spilling out of retractables, and about the caps coming off of capped pens. do you know of any good pens out there with secure caps or pens that won't leek?

    i want to make sure my purses are ink free!
  2. i keep my pens in either a small pen case or in the pocket of my purseket cap-up.
  3. I second that. Put pens in a plastic pen case (that way, if they leak, everything is contained).
  4. Yeah, nothing's more attractive than an ink stained lining :throwup:, even worse if it's on inside vachetta!

    I either keep my pens in a little pouch, or I put them inside one of the purse's pockets.
  5. ^^I do that too. I often put it in a small pouch with my gum and mints
  6. I have 3 pens in there right now with tight caps. It makes a kisslock sound. I might move these pens now to something else to prevent possible leaks.
  7. I only have one pencil in my bag. Don't dare to put any pens in it. I had my lessons.
  8. I was going to recommend the same thing. :yes:
  9. All pens and lipgloss/stick go in a pouch.
  10. I'd definately keep the pen/s in a container or pouch. I won't even keep a pen in my agenda in case of accidents!:wtf:
  11. i put my pen in my make up pouch
  12. The only pen I carry (retractable) in my bag is in my planner which zips shut.
  13. i use pacers (mechanical pencils) in my bags, pens are fine along as they dont come withint 20 meters of my bag lol
  14. Use a mechanical pencil or a pen case like this:
  15. No matter how I've carried my pens (floating around, in a pocket or in a pen case), or what type they've been, I've never gotten any ink on my bags.

    Your safest bet is probably a ball point or rollerball with a screw-on cap. Waterman is my favorite.