Pens/Pencils that fit in the PM Agenda.

  1. Lovely tPFers... I usually post in the Chanel forum so I'm a bit of a newbie here...
    Just wondering what pens you use in your agendas. I've looked everywhere but can't find nice pens to fit in the slots. I've looked at the LV ones but none tickle my fancy. What are you using? Where did you find it? ;)

    Hope you can help.
  2. Tiffany pens work, the Fisher space pen works, and zebra pens work....
  3. I absolutely love the way my aqua blue Tiffany pen looks in my mono koala agenda. I vote for that one. Both my daughters have the same pen in their agendas too, and it looks good in all of them. Not too expensive, compared to LV too! I think I paid under $90.00 apiece, including tax. Plus, you get to walk around with the blue bag, LOL!
  4. Thanks for the responses. I knew I should have done a search first... I like the sound of having a Tiffany's pen though.... *drools*