Pens for your LV Agenda

  1. After I bought my LV multicolor agenda on Ebay, I did not want to spend over $150 for a small/slim pen to fit in the agenda. I found a website that sells small pens that might fit. I'm going to order several for myself. It looks slick and the price is great at $6.00 (plus $2.38 shipping). You can pay an extra $4 to engrave your name or personal msg.

    Check out the site.
  2. That's awesome! Thanks Devoted, I've been looking for a good pen for my agenda for a WHILE!

    Thanks :love:
  3. Oh - thanks for posting this!
  4. You're welcome. I've been searching all over for the right size pen to fit, but had a hard time. I'm so happy that there's a small pen out there for the fraction of the price. With the money I save on the pen, I can start saving for another LV item, hehehe.
  5. I like the way you think :lol:
  6. I wonder if it can fit in the porte tresor wallet too?
  7. Nice! :biggrin:
  8. I finally received the stainless steel pens for my Agenda. It fits perfectly in the pen slot and I love the slick & contemporary look. It's worth the money.
  9. thanks for posting the outcome of your purchase. I have the mc agenda too and dont have a pen for it, Like you i didnt want to spend the money on an lv pen to fit it..
    i've saved the site i'll be sure to make that a purchase.

  10. Thank you for posting that site..I ordered a pen for my Mono porte tresor and it totally was a lil' snug but it fit....!