Pens for the PM agenda

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I spent many hours reading and learning about H on here but one thing I never found much info on was the pens. So I'm posting now. My DH gave me a PM agenda (with pen loops) for our 1st wedding anniversary.I finally got back into the city yesterday so see what the pens looked like. Here are my pictures. It was 395usd for this one with chain and it was 205usd without the chain. Its small but writes well. It is perfect for jotting quick notes down. It is attached to the agenda at the spiral part so cannot be misplaced or borrowed and not returned! The ink won't leak as it has a pen cap or cradle, which slots in securely to the lower of the pen loops.When the pen is in the cap or cradle it is very secure. Refills were $10 and readily available.

    I hope this info is useful to someone else!:biggrin:

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  2. Thank you for posting this Hermesforlife
    i have the PM Agenda with the pen that doesnt have the chain.
    I love it, and the pen cap stays pretty firmly in the loop, but I have often wondered abou the chain ones because they look so pretty. :biggrin: