pens for small agenda?

  1. i just recently got a vernis pomme agenda and i can't find a pen to fit in it. i saw somewhere on the board where someone used alcohol, but i can't search for it. a regular bic pen won't fit. the lv pens are cute, but i don't see myself spending $200 for a pen. what pen do you use?
  2. i use a pen from LAMY, bought in a pens and diary store in my home town.

    maybe you should search for such a store and bring your agenda, let the people there look at it and maybe they have something for you!

    my pen was about 20 euro
  3. I wonder if the filofax pens will work in the LV agendas?
  4. The Tiffany classic blue pen fits beautifully. It's about $80 only.
  5. Cross makes a pen that fits it perfectly...:yes:
  6. I have a Fischer Space Pen.. it works, fits and is cheap. I don't remember the website, but google "Fischer Space Pen".
  7. i use a zebra mini mechanical pencil. you asked for a pen which this isn't, but zebra makes other writing instruments so maybe you can google it and use my pencil as a reference. it's perfect for my vernis pomme agenda and i didn't have to use alcohol or anything to slip it in the loop. good luck!
    agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg