Pennsylvania Shopping Went Well

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  1. Hi everyone,

    As you all know, I have been posting some recent threads about my three-day-trip to Erie, Pennsylvania (all for shopping, by the way). I am now home from the trip. Everything went very very very well. Our hotel was GORGEOUS (that's the hilton chain for ya ;) ).

    List of things that I bought.

    Tommy Hilfiger Outlet:
    Six shirts for me
    One shirt for my nephew

    Malaiya Perfume for me

    Old Navy:
    Sweater for me
    Long Sleeved Shirt for me
    Pj pants for me

    Eddie Bauer Outlet:
    Shirt for Dad
    Socks for me

    Pj pants for nephew
    Two shirts for nephew
    Shirt for dad

    Two hoodies for me

    Burlington coat factory:
    Glitter jeans for me

    Guess Outlet:
    Wallet for me

    Ecko by Marc Ecko purse for me

  2. Cool. I've never heard of Erie, Pennsylvania, LOL but do they have good shopping?
  3. No they don't have good shopping...they have FABULOUS shopping. =P
    Many outlet malls & regular malls, outlet stores etc.
    Nice hotels.
    No tax on clothing or shoes.
  4. I lived in Erie for two years and I was so poor when I was there.

    Best thing is that the Grove City outlet is an hour away.
  5. I went to Grove City outlet mall on Saturday...loved loved loved it there!
  6. Glad to hear you had a great trip!! And great shopping, too. I love a good bargain and coming back with lotsa new stuff to break in. Congrats!
  7. Just a quick question to those who have been shopping there or live in Erie area..what kind of malls are nearby??

    I'm looking for a mall with larger department stores (like Macy's or a Saks)? TIA
  8. Millcreek Mall in Erie has a Macy's.

    The closest Saks is in Pittsburgh (~2 hours away).

    I think there's a Nordstrom near Cleveland, which is also about 2 hours away.
  9. Erie is great for bargains but if you are looking for bargain designer items like Gucci, Burberry etc, you cannot really find them in Erie

  10. No but they do have a Coach outlet!