Penmark removal? :-\

  1. Hi gals

    I saw this wonderful lavender Marc Jacobs bag today at Last Call and I was so going to buy it but when I noticed some pen marks, I had to leave it sadly. Now I'm wondering if I should've taken it.

    How difficult are pen marks able to be removed from leather? If there is an easy way, I am driving back down there and snatching up that bag...hopefully no one has bought it yet.
  2. As far as I know, if a pen mark has had time to "set" then it is impossible to remove because it gets absorbed into the leather. The best time to remove a pen mark is right after the incident. I would try using leather cleaner, but if it's been there for a while then you might not be able to get it out. I think I read somewhere that hairspray works as well, but I would definitely test an area first.
  3. thank you for the advice thithi. i am wary about buying the bag then. even for the great price, i am still stressed out about trying to remove the marks. not sure how much time they've had to set in...
  4. unless youre capable of looking past the pen marks, then I wouldn't buy the bag. good deal or not
  5. I got a pen mark once on the inside of my pink stella and had trouble removing it. I could only get it to slightly faded :sad: