Penguin Keyfob

  1. Is the penguin keyfob in stores yet? I was in a store like 2 weeks ago, but I normally don't buy keyfobs, so I wasn't on the look out.

    Then I saw someone post it on this site and fell in love ( i have a thing for penguins!)

    I checked the website and it's not on there.

    Is it available yet? And if not when?
  2. It's not in stores yet but I ordered one through JAX. It is backordered until the end of the month but I placed an order and she said it will be shipped to me when it becomes available.
  3. What is JAX? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I get a high off shopping in person, so I rarely shop online.
  4. It's Jacksonville, FL, where Coach's customer service is located. Just call the number on the Coach website to order it. The item number for the penguin is #92196. :smile:
  5. Ah thank yoU!

    Shows how clueless I am, I thought i was like some secret bag website or something haha.
  6. I want that penguin so bad. It will match my debit card which is a picture of some penguins:cool:
  7. you can order it! i just went to the store today and ordered the snowman keyfob which also isnt supposed to be in stores until the end of nov!

  8. If you go to the store and order it through them there is no shipping charge! That's what I did for the skull key fob :tup:
  9. I just said that up above.
  10. Sorry, i'm cranky, just ignore me today!!
  11. Thanks everyone!

    I needed to hit the mall anyway tomorrow to get my dad a birthday gift, so I will stop in and order it from my new SA that sold me my last bag. It will be a great way to suck up before PCE! haha
  12. It's really cute. I have my eye on the snowman.
  13. I think the snowman and skull should be in stores around the end of next week.
  14. Any pictures of the penguin? My 15 year old daughter has collected them since she was 3 years old and I'd LOVE to get one to hang of her Coach purse I got her for her birthday.

    Edit: I FOUND IT! [​IMG]
  15. :love::nuts:Oh my gosh!! That is so cute!^^
    I have to get that! Is it in all Coach stores this week? or is it also in the end of November?
    SO cute!