Penelope Hippie 13156: Does anyone own?

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  1. I know there was talk about this bag, but did anyone ever order it? Pics, modeling also please. I ordered it in black. I haven't seen it IRL. It should be here the end of this week.
  2. i'd like to see some too! i want this bag in coral!
  3. ^^Ditto! It first caught my eye in cobalt on the Japan site.
  4. now the coral is off the website....all it comes in is white? Did anyone get in a color?
  5. it's a pretty back. i love the navy blue and white :smile:
  6. I had the signature version of this bag and it was way too small. Very small bag.
  7. I have it in coral. It is a sweet little bag; it holds more than a swing pack but overall it is a small bag. I can fit in the Penelope Compact Clutch wallet, my iPhone, keys, sunnies (but in a soft microfiber bag, not in the Coach case, a comb, a tiny little cosmetics bag (that basically holds gloss, blotting papers, a hair elastic and a few bobby pins), and a small knitting project (LOL).

    I posted a pic on the Penelope thread.
  8. I have pics in the Coach in action thread. It holds the necessaries for me to go out for an event, small makeup case, small wallet, sunglasses, tissue pk, hand sanitizer, keys, phone and a coin purse. It was a pleasant surprise for me as I like big bags and I wasn't disappointed with this.